How to Travel with Light Luggage

There is no great science or great magic! It is the experience that makes the good traveler, and the more you travel, the easier it will be to be aware of what is important (or not) in your suitcase! And no, no one will connect to the fact that she wore the same blouse twice in the same week!

According to, the little luggage will give you more agility, since you can move faster and with little inconvenience; use public transport, which allows you to save some money and not risk excess baggage at check-in! Check out our suggestions here …

1 – The suitcases
Choosing a suitcase is extremely important! Already imagined traveling with a suitcase that even empty already weighs about 4 to 5 kilos ?! Choose a suitcase that is lightweight. Our suggestion is to opt for a size P, maybe polycarbonate because they weigh about 2kg and have casters.
For hand baggage choose one that you can use on a day-to-day basis and tailor that choice to the beach or city destination. Enjoy to put in the same those items that may turn out to be accurate: toothbrush, briefs, tablet, book, documents, etc …
And the purchases ?! Of course, no one is made of iron, and as long as you do not make plans to spend much, there are always those memories that you want to bring. Carry a carry-on bag (canvas or so …) so that later you can bring your memories.

2 – Separate clothes
Put what you intend to carry on the bed for an overview. Then experiment and choose the most versatile pieces you can wear with jeans, shorts and skirts. The secret is in choosing pieces that match each other instead of full looks. You should put aside about ½ to 1/3 of the clothes you chose at first! The same happens with the shoes and the ideal is to choose the outfits according to them!
Avoid carrying very bulky clothes with you, and when you pack in your bag, make rolls. In addition to taking up less space, clothing will not gain as many creases. And, in the small empty spaces you already know … put the socks, underwear, bikinis, etc …

3 – Nécessaire
Here the trick is to avoid carrying the packaging you use at home. Nowadays there are already in pharmacies, cosmetics stores, among others, that sell travel size packaging. These will save you immense space! Or you can always buy locally! Champoo and fabric softener are in almost every part of the world! If you travel with your guy in the middle, you just have to share the items with your suitcases.
Another of the things to avoid is the excess of cosmetic items! Half the things that are taken end up not being used for this, it is to choose the products that you use daily.

4 – Weather
Here is something that is often overlooked! Do not put your clothes in the bag for free, because it will only take up more space! Inquire about the weather, even to avoid suffering, so you can better plan your clothing and footwear, and a sweater will always be indispensable!

5 – Laundry
Here’s another solution! Confirm that you have this service in the accommodation. It is practical, takes into account and allows you to use the pieces of clothing as often as you want. So you do not have to carry extra clothes in your suitcase!