How to Tie a Scarf

One of this fall’s fashion is the scarf for men, scarf, we have always had, but before the cold really strikes, we’ll see a lot of scarves

The scarf is a recurring trend, some years ago, we saw lots of scarves for men, and now it is fashionable again. To get the scarf that remain are no problem, but the actual appearance differs greatly between different knots. Below is a simple infographic on how to tie a scarf on 4 classical way.

The Classic

A knot is not unlike a bow tie. In my view, the most widely used knot even if it is called “The Classic”.

The Slip Knot

According to opelikafashion, this is the simplest and most common way to tie a scarf. The scarf, a deliciously languid look and can be a little nonchalant. Handy if you do not want to see anything for all dressed up in your scarf.

The Twice Around

A knot that makes you look very dressy, scarf sits tight around the neck and hangs neatly down on one side.

The Hitch

Like “The Slip Knot” so give this knot you a relaxed look then the scarf hangs a little softly around the neck and over the shoulders.