How to Teach Your Dog to Make a Kiss?

Discover a quiet and clever trick to teach your dog: making the kisses with the truffle!

It is a stimulating activity for your dog to learn new tricks. More a dog learns, he can learn. And for him, it is both a game and a challenge. However, you taught him the most important and useful tricks and looking for a new? Make your dog a great guest teaching “Kiss”: a quiet and affectionate tour that should appeal to all your friends!

Start with a Natural Situation to Teach Your Dog the “Kiss”

All dogs are not predisposed to learn all the tricks. This requires that your dog has a loving and confident ground towards you and your entourage. Indeed, spontaneously, some dogs will put their nose on your face when they want to show you their affection. They do it on their own in a burst of emotion.

To begin with, therefore we wait for your dog to do you a kiss. When that happens, tell him “Kiss” and give him a treat or caresses.

The goal is to draw his attention to this action.

Renew the experience a number of times, in a manner exactly similar to this. One dog to another, this number varies: some dogs include in 5 times, for others should be repeated 10 times.

Invite Your Dog to Recognize the “Kiss”

Spent some time, you can begin to tell the “Kiss” to your dog. If it reacts and comes towards you ask his nose on your cheek, it should reward him with a treat, hugs and encouraging words. The dog understood that he had good behavior and helps him to reproduce it when the situation will be the same.

This step must also be repeated a number of times, with you only at first.

After a while, if you consider that your dog understands, you can remove the treat, but not the caresses and encouragement that have a very high value in the eyes of your dog.

When you are sure that he understood the “do a Kiss” with you, it’s time to suggest to your friends, starting with the people he knows best. Ideally, members of your household.

Whatever it is, if your dog is experiencing a reluctance to give a kiss to someone, he better not push beyond a few repetitions. Maybe knows not enough. Wait a minute he took his bearings again ostensibly offering a new treat.

A Few Tips to Help Your Dog Learn the “Kiss”

If you notice that it does not recognize “Kiss” when you ask him out of context, you must start the process.

Perhaps, your dog did not link the kiss and the treat. Wait until there are hungry to provoke this situation. A hungry dog is always more attentive and motivated to learn new tricks than a well stuffed dog!

Wait for the “Kiss” is back in his daily routine before asking her to make friends, especially if he does not!

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