How to Teach the Dog to Enjoy the Shower

Posted by Raquel Bersano on 05/10/2013- 1 Comment
By Marília Vargas, team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.
There are many people who would like to bathe their hairy at home, but they’ve had a bad experience and dare not try again. The main complaints relating to agitation, aggression and fear during the bath and also on drying of hair. How about teaching the dog to enjoy the bath?

In most cases, this is due to the bad association that the dog had a bath, so this will be our goal: to cause the dog to associate the bath and drying the good things according to
Being prepared is the first step. Ensure that the water is in pleasant temperature, the tools already in place (hair dryer, bath towel and brush, as well as shampoo and conditioner for dogs), so the bath does not need to extend more than necessary.
The showerhead is usually the best option, since it makes less noise and can be left out, while ensaboamos the dog. Wet the entire body of the pet before you love him. Wash first the top (back), passing by the belly and all four legs. Search for massage it slowly, as if the were stroking.

Talk to the dog, using a calm tone of voice, can also help. Let the animal’s face finally. Rinse it well, always attentive to let your nose out of the water, so that it can breathe. If your dog is aggressive, do so using the muzzle. Extreme caution is necessary when it comes to aggression.

Have a good absorbent towel and wipe off excess water before drying. In this way, we ensure that the dryer will be connected. Start with the lowest level of air–the noise will be lower and not scare your dog so much. If you need to, take the US by before drying. The choice of a good brush is also important because it helps to speed drying.

In addition to the above care, train your dog in days that he won’t take a bath. Just grab a piece of snack that he loves, turn on the hair dryer away from him and, while you’re listening to the sound, let him nibble snack in your hand. So the snack is over, turn off the dryer. Over the days, go closer the dog dryer, until such time that you will give the snack, while the drought.
When he spend eating snack quietly while you dry, it means he feels comfortable with the hair dryer. Thereafter, you can take the snack parade. This training can be done also with the brush, in the case of the dog that does not like to be brushed. Start giving snack with the brush against him without comb it, and as the days go by sliding the brush in small parts. Remember that this should be a slow and gradual training, to avoid traumas. Two minutes a day of training is sufficient.

If your buddy continue having problems, please do not hesitate to seek a professional. He will evaluate what is occurring, and the best measure to be taken.