How to Sunglasses

Before, we dared not necessarily wear sunglasses. It was too star, it was too “j’me tells it.” Today is truly an essential accessory. So, we can even see people wearing the night! Anyway, who says a must, said that should not be mistaken. Summer is approaching and you still do not have your pair of the season? We will help you choose the perfect sunglasses for your face…

Choose sunglasses: follow your face, not fashionable

Yes, there are legendary models but even they do not necessarily go to everyone. I repeat myself but do not select a document because it is fashionable, choose it because it suits you. Fashion passes but accessories for you will never go out of style.

So we will decipher what glasses go with your face and choose the most trend of net models.

The top models are equipped with a half hoop with extravagant upper bar. It’s everywhere on the canvas like sunglasses, here they come at us Aristmarketing and they are legion. Remember to always being gentle, so as not to “weigh” the aesthetics of the face.

Side color, it is summer then do what you want. If you really want to invest, choose a sober hue. However, if you want to buy you a small pair cheap, do not hesitate to let you on a model with flashy colors. It’s very trendy, worse with a tan that’s really nice.

For those who have the oval face, forehead and chin are roughly equivalent. You are 80% to have this morphology. It’s simple, you can afford. Do not overlook the width, always choose a slightly larger model than your face. Also, if you have a long face, be bold and dare the visible frames. This will allow you to fill a good part of your face and reduce the elongated effect.

Since no model is denied, treat yourself and choose according to your skin tone, your wardrobe or your bugdet! I’ve put this model Forever 21  (Our site ) just because it’s fun and it costs € 5.90!

The small board that is good: Dare, it’s summer! Prefer gilded frames if you are golden.This year the butterfly and round frames are honored so do not hesitate to turn to these models. Last tricks, all these glasses here are less than € 16 …