How to Style Statement Earrings

The statement jewelry are bigger.

The website brought the maxi fashion necklace.

The maxi earring is also with everything! Who loves to large accessories, really, you’re going to love this trend.

It’s the kind of piece that adorns the look as a whole. When combine with casual clothing, you will create a formal look for party … Everything will depend on the style of play.

Of course, no one needs to use just because it’s “fashion”. The most important thing is to use fashion, with what you identify with what suits your personality.

How about being open to Directoryaah in the construction of your own style? Who knows, right?

For people who are accustomed to small earrings, the suggestion is to increase the size of the earrings. Wear earrings slightly larger than usual. Increase the size gradually, in so far as they feel at ease, at your leisure.

To know which type is better, the best tip is to test. Go to a store, try, and evaluate the earring on you!

Another advice is not to buy earrings too heavy not to cause any discomfort.

There are several styles available on the market: vintage, romantic, and ethnic, modern, futuristic…

This is the type of object that is excellent to give focus to the face. The face gets all the attention. It is an excellent strategy for those who put the focus of the look in one place and disguise other regions. Excellent to bring light to the face.

The maxi earring helps enhance especially hairstyles trapped, like coke, braid, tail stuck. So, it became the kind of perfect accessory to be used at parties (celebrations, in general). But, make no mistake! It’s not just for parties and, much less, with hair up. The loose hair has its own charm.

Who chooses to use the maxi earring should be careful with the other types of accessory so that you do not race each other. The maxi earring is pure exaggeration.

Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious when using it on your desktop. Ask yourself if your workplace allows this style of play. Generally, formal work environment does not allow so many exaggerations on the jewelry.

Another way to wear it is to use an earring in one ear. A lot of people like to use as well.

I would now like to know about your style! What do you think about the maxi earring? Do you like? Already use? Intend to adopt in your style? You think too much? Comment!