How to Style a White T Shirt

An important event, a special evening, a sudden invitation and here l ‘ anxiety outfits axle forcing us to experience everything we have in the closet with all the possible combinations.

The classic scene sees us busy for hours in front of the wardrobe select all the matches, then testing the mirror with a lot of show for advice (which is regularly ignored) to parents and boyfriends, in extreme cases even you have time to make a run downtown to buy that dress that would be seen in the window just perfect for the occasion.

Yet with a simple white t-shirt, those anonymous and often deemed unnecessary, you can create original and special outfits.

Let us see how to create 5 chic look with a simple white t-shirt.

T-shirt bianca + gonna a ruota

I believe there is no woman who does not have at least one full skirt in your closet and between the various combinations with blouses and blouse delicious, have you ever tried to wear it with a simple white t-shirt?
The result is a fresh and youthful outfits, stylish yet not too serious!

T-shirt bianca + midi skirt

In recent years the midi skirt is nothing short of a desert, but pair it is not quite simple, and the risk is keep it in the closet waiting for the right opportunity that never comes.
That’s why combined with a simple white t-shirt makes it much more portable and suitable for any kind of evening.

T-shirt bianca + jeans + giacca o kimono

The pairing with jeans is also perfect in the evening to complete the look if you think about a pair of high heels and a tasty jacket or summer kimono.

T-shirt bianca + gonna con paillettes

Excluding the New Year’s Eve, wearing sequins creates many difficulties because the risk to shine too much or worse than look vulgar is not to be underestimated.
Perfect then match our skirt with sequins with a simple white t-shirt, avoiding categorically glittering accessories.

T-shirt bianca + maxi gonna

Finally, a winning combination is the one with the maxi skirt, for an outfit that we can wear from morning to evening without having to change shoes or accessories.