How to Solve USB Problems

Sometimes it is jinxed: A USB device, such as a USB mouse or keyboard, working initially fine, but suddenly stops in the middle of operation, the employees. This happens when the computer accidentally interrupts the power supply of the USB port. The solution is fortunately easy.


Usually it is sufficient, first abzustöpseln no longer functioning USB device from the computer and then connect it again, Windows will detect the device right away again, and you can continue to work normally. In our computers that happens often, for example with the Bose USB speaker system. If the computer is not in use for long time, then suddenly the speakers no longer work. Only when we pull out the USB connector, wait a few seconds and then reconnect the speakers will not function.


In particular, portable computers such as notebooks or laptops are set so that Windows can turn off the USB ports on their own. This saves power consumption and increase battery life. For stationary home computers, the shutdown is but superfluous. With a few simple steps, you can check for yourself if the auto power off function is activated.

To do so, activate the device manager of Windows by using the key combination[Windows key] [Pause] key, and then on the Device Manager button. In the Device Manager window, click next to USB controller  on the plus sign. Then click with the right mouse button on USB Root Hub, and then select the command Properties. On most computers, the Device Manager dive equal to multiple USB root hubs. As USB root (meaning root) called Windows the way the USB hub which is built directly into the computer. Visit USB hub store if you want a new USB hub.

If you then open the Properties window by clicking on the tab power management bring its window to the foreground, you can see directly whether the auto power off function is activated. For Windows USB bus does not shut off in the middle, the check box should computer to turn off the unit to save energy be empty, so the function is deactivated. If the Device Manager multiple entries  USB Root Hub – or Generic USB Hub entries exist, repeat the steps for all messages.