How to Sell Jewelry

The jewelry are a product of great acceptance and always admit new trends and so never fall out of fashion.
Interested in selling jewelry? The following are several tips for anyone wanting to sell jewelry.

How To Buy Costume Jewelry

Know buying costume jewelry is essential because the seller only has a good bottom line if you can purchase products and that have good output.

Therefore, the first step is to find suppliers that meet the expectations of the resellers with a product that is cheap and of good quality.
The best option is to find vendors that resell products direct from the factory and the other option is to mount the jewelry.
For resellers that are creative and want to ride the jewelry, the advantage is that will create a unique product and still developing the ability, in addition to being a great hobby.
Remember to mount the imitation jewelry, your cost will be lower, therefore, will have a larger margin of income to sell jewelry. For those resellers the solution is to find raw material with affordable price and quality.

Where To Buy Costume Jewelry

Some cities offer various products wholesale which is raw material for those who want to assemble the jewelry. But you don’t have to visit all the wholesale shops or factories, as it is possible to purchase jewelry or raw material for mounting over the internet.

If You Arrange To Sell Jewelry

The first step for those who want to sell jewelry is to make a list with all items, both for raw material as for the already ready.
For example:
Ring-2.50 – 5.00 actual wholesale price-resale price.
Let’s see other examples:
Maxi Metal Necklace- wholesale price R$20,38 can be resold by R$25,48.
Metal bracelet- wholesale price by 4.70 can be resold by 5.35.
Set of Bracelets With Six pieces – 4.70 can be resold by 5.40.
Earrings With Stones of Autumn – that cost 3.00 reais and that can be resold for 5.00 dollars.
Earring With Strass- which costs 1.80 reais and that can be resold by 2.20 reais.
Colored Stones bracelet- by 1.99 may be resold by 3.00 reais.
See that both to buy jewelry as much as to buy parts for assembling the costume jewelry a good tip is to always do some research before price.
These values above were searched over the internet, remember only that when buying over the internet is necessary to make sure about the safety offered by the site, the secure Web sites prevent personal and banking data are passed to third parties.
Research on the methods of payment, if the vendors accept credit card, debit card, check, and others. Then write down the possible customers and sales opportunities, note people, places, and every opportunity possible.

Profitability Of Costume Jewelry

The jewelry generate a profit between 10% to 20%, because prices cannot be at the same level that the wholesale price, but should still continue with an affordable price, because the price is the biggest factor of success to sell jewelry.
Both the sale of jewelry, such as assembling the costume jewelry generate good profit percentage.
It is also important not to excess costs of goods or purchase products that will be stuck, because increasing the price for sure does not generate sales.

For Those Who Sell Jewelry?

The ease of selling costume jewelry is that it is not necessary to open a store and if formalised just have enough stock to sell at home or for acquaintances.
As the costume jewelry are items that sell easily, so in my spare time you can sell jewelry to a variety of customers. Over time it is possible to professionalize the way to sell creating a virtual store or establishing sales meetings.

Assemble Your Friends To Sell Jewelry

To resell jewelry for a large number of women at once, arrange an afternoon tea.
Distribute invitations, arrange an afternoon snack and reselling their products at half price.
It’s a good opportunity to sell or at least present their products, depending on the number of interested in bringing a product it will be possible to download the value of some items and make a “burn”.
The important thing is to compute efficiently the cost and profit.

Friends in College

The College is one of the places that sells costume jewelry, for a young audience, who is a fan of jewelry and you’re looking for good prices.Therefore, on a break or even in meetings of friends is possible to sell a large amount of jewelry.
Offers costume jewelry in the interval, cole ads on the Bulletin Board.

Use Facebook to your advantage

Big brands can easily sell using Facebook and with help of users who didn’t receive a dime for advertising. Make good photos of your jewelry and post on Facebook, talk about the advantages of the product and the price.

Add More Products

With the success in selling jewelry, resellers can add more products, but stay tuned, add products is only useful when you’ve been a loyal clientele.
You must also hit the variety of products, in addition to jewelry, belts and handbags also sale that are interesting and that is a trend in fashion. For those who decided to open a jewelry stand can also resell decorated flats.
Add more products can be a great strategy to increase income, in addition to jewelry and accessories it is important to sell products such as cosmetics, lingerie catalogs and other.


The internet can be visited several pages of suppliers to buy trinkets ready or articles to assemble jewelry check out:

Like the text? Now you are Ready to open Your Own Business to assemble and Sell Jewelry.Good luck!