How to See Skype out to Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

Skype for Windows 8 has been leaked, it reveals an entirely new interface optimized for new Windows tablets.

Skype is the world’s largest VoIP service (Voice over IP), and has over the years gained access to several platforms.

Most recently Skype has been acquired by Microsoft for nothing less than 8.5 billion dollars. It also means that Microsoft can now restructure the program to their own advantage, which now is about to happen.

Leaked photos show that Skype has got completely new user interface specially adapted and optimized for the new Windows 8 “metro” interface.

Windows Metro user interface is optimized for use on tablets, and Skype for Windows 8, will therefore be usable on, among other things, Microsoft Surface.

According to our site the application is stable and usable largely out of the way, only few things does not work and the user interface is well functioning and well optimized.

There is not yet a few indications on when Skype for Windows 8 is ready, but our site are reporting that a closed beta could be on the way.

Below you can see a number of pictures of Skype for Windows 8.