How to Save Electricity? Check Out Our 5 Tips!

In times of increase in light bill think of reducing electricity consumption is a very important task.With constant increases in tariffs and the application of red and yellow flags – with additional fees to be charged according to consumption – it is crucial to think of solutions to save electricity at home.

Some simple attitudes can leave you more prepared to face increases in the light bill.To help you with this task, we separate 5 tips on how to save electricity.Check it:

1. Check the power clock

The power clock is the device responsible for measuring your household’s electricity consumption – those who live in the apartment also have a clock that measures only your apartment.Checking if the equipment is working properly, without any type of defect in the marking is a good way to save on the light bill.

If the clock is in trouble, it probably keeps running even when no consumption is occurring, and you’re paying more than you used.One way to check how it works is to turn off all the devices and disconnect the devices from the outlets, if it keeps running it is because it is in trouble.

2. Use LED spotlights on the outdoor area

The external lighting of the houses is an influencer of the energy consumption, since it usually stays on for many hours at night.Because it is a very important lighting to maintain the security of the place, even when it is empty, many people can not find ways to save on that point.

A good tip here is to invest in LED spotlights.They will help maintain the environment with good lighting at night and save on electricity.In addition, there are options of reflectors with colored lighting, which can be used in the decoration of the area.

3. Invest in LED bulbs

The type of lamp you use in your home can make all the difference in your light bill.Switching from existing lamps to LED lamps is an excellent solution to save money, since they spend a lot less energy and provide a reduction of, on average, 80% of consumption.

In addition, they have a longer life than other types of lamp, which will also generate savings in the cost of this product.You will realize how the number of bulbs exchanged will decrease greatly, offsetting the value invested in them.

Another advantage is that they do not heat the environment and have great lighting, reducing the number of lamps connected at the same time.

In addition to replacing the bulbs, be sure to turn them off whenever the room is empty and keep the chandeliers clean.These attitudes help a lot to save money.

4. Use LED tapes

The LED strips are great options for those who have environments with plenty of light and want to save energy without losing light.They can be applied in different places, such as plaster moldings and panels, and are great for signaling certain places, such as exits and stops.

The tapes are easy to apply, have low heat emission and save a lot of energy.Besides the light function, they are also decorative!You can find tapes of light in the colors blue, yellow, red and green, in addition to natural light.They last a long time and their power can reach up to 15w.

5. Unplug the equipment from the

This is not a common habit in most people’s homes, but it can help save electricity.The devices that have the stand-by mode can be responsible for 12% of your account, since they consume even if they are turned off.

The tip is to unplug all appliances that do not really need to be plugged in, such as cell phone and notebook chargers and the microwave.

Simple habits can make a big difference in your light bill.Therefore, it is important to be aware and look for ways to save electricity.Conscious consumption attitudes are good for the planet and for your pocket.

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