How to Save a Baby That Is Suffocating

Having a baby at home is cause for much joy and happiness, but it is also synonymous with constant worry, because this little one does not know what he does and has no way to take care of himself, so all care is little.

One of the biggest concerns of the mother, the father and the whole family is that the baby chokes or suffocates with something because it can lead to death.

For people who want to learn how to save a baby in case of suffocation or choking, just pay attention to the information below.

How to save a baby who is suffocating?

Babies and young children may choke on objects they put in their mouths or even on normal food. It is essential to learn to identify these situations and take the right steps.

The situation becomes more serious when the baby or child can not cough, cry or talk, because this indicates that the airways are closed and the child needs to be helped to breathe.

Do not attempt to remove the object with your hands only if you can see it by opening the baby’s or child’s mouth, as it risks pushing the object even further and making the picture worse.

To save a baby who is suffocating, the first step is to ask someone to call an ambulance, or take the baby to the hospital by car or taxi.

While you wait for the help to arrive, do the following:

1 – Hold the baby leaning forward, give a maximum of 5 pats on the back with an open hand. The position of the head slightly tilted forward helps in the disengagement process and prevents the child from bronchospasping if the baby vomits during maneuvers.

2 – Turn the baby on its belly, hold firmly between your hands and arms and do two chest compressions. Compression is similar to cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique: Fasten the center of the chest with 2 fingers, the index finger and the middle finger, just below the line between the nipples.

3 – Check if the baby vomited or expelled the object that caused the choke. If nothing has happened, repeat the operation.

4 – As soon as the baby disengages, the first thing he will do is cry.

Mouth-to-mouth breathing in infants

Experts say that in the case of choking or choking you should never do mouth-to-mouth breathing in the baby because by blowing inside the child’s mouth can push the object that is in his throat even more or make the picture worse.

So if a baby chokes or suffocates, call an ambulance and follow the steps above, that will save his life.