How to Remain Calm During Pregnancy

When one is overweight, pregnancy can be a source of anxiety. Between the doctor who asks us for efforts to limit weight gain, the family that can sometimes have a very hard look and 20,000 questions that arise (especially during the first pregnancy), it can quickly become nervous , sleepless and annoying!

I’ve prepared a short list of 6 commandments to remain calm during pregnancy and thoroughly enjoy this period.

I-Find a gynecologist with whom you feel comfortable! It will be the person who will follow you well into the pregnancy, it will answer all your questions and direct you to other health professionals if necessary. According to, you should be careful for sex behaviors during pregnancy.

II-How to choose motherhood! Any maternity does not have equipment for your needs if you exceed 130 kilos. To prevent denial of care at childbirth, check well on infrastructure but also on the health workforce. Again you have to feel comfortable to most of your birth.

III-Flee people who judge you or hurt you treats! Live your pregnancy and think only of one thing, the well being of your baby and your own. Stress is the worst enemy of the mother then tried to stay calm!

IV-The sacrosanct food hygiene! Throughout your pregnancy try maximally to monitor your diet for baby to give everything he needs. It is diversifying its supply, the emphasis is on vegetables and allows himself some moments pleasures with a pancake with sugar or a brownie …

V-Continue or become active! It is advisable for mothers and even the round mothers to practice a gentle activity throughout pregnancy. But do not forget to spare your legs especially by raising the evening and night. If your legs become painful please talk with your doctor.

VI-It takes care of itself! Cream to nourish your skin several times a day and avoid (some) stretch marks, a bra for your new breast size. Remember to stay coquette (ok it’s not always easy). In the section fashion , I make you full of articles on the various collections of large maternity wear.

And you girls, what were your tips and tricks to remain calm during pregnancy?