How to Put a Wall Sticker

-The installation is carried out on a wall or stand (door, closet, furniture, ceiling…) clean, dry and smooth.

-Preferably: for long stickers to hold them flat with weight you will ask on the corners 24 hours; preferably also to ask two long stickers.

-The equipment necessary, just bring a plastic squeegee (you can find on our store).Otherwise, a credit card used will do the trick for a small sticker.

-A little advice preferably put the sticker in a week max as the glue of the transparent over time can become a little dry (but not an obligation).

step 1: clean the surface on which you will put your sticker:
The first step is to clean the surface or the furniture intended to accommodate your ticker. Indeed, fat and dirt can prevent adhesion.

Then take your points benchmarks using either the color tape or a pencil to paper, in order to put it right.

step 2: remove the transparent paper with the sticker:
Start by removing the protective paper of your sticker, after you be assured that the sticker was well adhered to the.

step 3: put the sticker:

Carefully position the sticker on its final location and paste the entire surface of the sticker, of the surface of the sticker to the Center press up then down Center to avoid the formation of air bubbles and so the sticker adheres to the wall without risk of take-off. Visit a2zyellowpages for wall sticker buying tips.

If this is the case (this happens), lift the sticker slightly and try again. (otherwise drill the blister with a needle.)
Remove the transparent film of your sticker Gently (remove a 10 cm part, fold completely and remove)

Once the slide is removed from the well press (without damaging the sticker).

Gently buff your sticker with a soft cloth.