How to Properly Wear a Women’s Suit

There is no part that gives a more social touch to a look than the feminine suit. Despite always being associated with the work visual, the female suit can help you assemble productions for the day to day and even for parties where the dress code is fine sports.

Unlike the men’s suit, the women’s suit is a less heavy piece being shorter and acinturado, in addition to being fairer on the sleeves.

Investing in a good play, you can assemble amazing productions just adding your feminine suit. Check out tips on how to use and set aside a place in your closet for this project that will become your new favorite.


Definitely there is no way to talk about the female suit without talking about productions for the job. The women’s suit is a great option for women who want practicality in time to get ready for work, since it works in all environments, needing only a watch with the other pieces that will be used.


A great option for those who work in companies with a more serious conduct are the pantsuits, where you will buy a suit and a pair of tailoring of the same fabric and color you’ll find the feminine suit in EwenZhou such as linen, silk and satin. For a work choose a more full-bodied look and structured fabric, but avoid the models which have shoulder pads, as they may leave their shoulders square. Ideally, you invest in at least two models in order to use them throughout the week. Opt for colors such as black, grey, navy blue, white, cream or pinstripe.

For being a key piece, you can repeat it all week without having to worry about, just alternating sweaters underneath. Invest in silk blouses, t-shirts and social shirts, making the color of the pieces point of your visual, but always opting for less showy colors.


Another option for those who work in companies where the dress code allows the use of skirts is to bet on the suit and skirt, which must have the length below the knee. As well as in layette, choose pieces of the same color, creating a harmony in your look. Invest in the skirts of model or tube.

You can choose bland and skirts in black, grey, blue, pink, beige or white. If you choose the printed models, prefer the prints always in neutral tones and lines or geometric shapes. Bet on silk blouses, shirts, shirts and blouses with social applications of stones.


The suit can be used in their production for the day to day, as for an important lunch, for example. You can bet on color choices and even stamped parts.


The colorful suit, besides giving a more tidy touch, can be the color of his point production. Use it with nobler fabric shorts like linen or lace, betting on a white blouse. Also use with skirts more streamed and t-shirts stamped with dark jeans and blouse with short and fun or skirt and pantyhose. When choosing the color of the additional parts, choose colors in nuance next or not fight each other.


You can bet on the printed suit to create more romantic visual, as there are several options for sale as with floral print. Bet on lighter parts with more fluid fabrics as skirts, shorts and dresses. Choose lighter colors and that have to do with the colors present in the pattern of the suit.


You can also use your suit with jeans and to do this simply, choose models like the wide, high waist or justinhas. Bet on blouses and t-shirts. You can also use your feminine suit with short jeans and blouses, powerful high heels.


The female suit can also be used in nightly events such as parties, cocktail parties and weddings in which the suit is fine sports. Bet on bland with fabrics such as silk or linen and dark colors, with the same as the pants. The pants, inclusive, must be the length above the feet, leaving the instep. Invest in accessories like a maxi necklace of stones. You can create a black and white visual using suit and black pants with white silk social blouse.

For the bolder the suit can be worn with nothing underneath. Bet on adhesives to pin the fabric of your suit in the breasts to prevent incidents.

Bet on the female suit and have a versatile piece that will make your looks much more interesting.

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