How to Prevent Sun Spots on Skin

First of all you should know that there are two types of spots or solar lentigo, which appear on the forehead, cheeks, back of hands, and they form a ring. Manifest as a result of damage from UV rays, tanning makers and sunburn.

Their appearance can be slowed down with the pulsed light, to do in the winter months. Of course, before you take action, the more even surface stain is easier to remove.

Melasma or brown spots with blurred edges appearing on the forehead and in the mustache area. They spread out to cover. It is a problem that gets worse with age, because the damage from sun exposure accumulate and make ever deeper spots, dark and visible.

The recommendation is to protect with SPF 50-to be used in reality all year-to slow their appearance.

It is also appropriate to prepare the skin to sun exposure. Three or four weeks before we go to the beach you could take supplements with beta carotene to stimulate the synthesis of melanin and regular riduceridurre the rickshaw of sunburn. A serum with a high concentration of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, ferulic acid or lipoic acid, applied morning and evening, previenepuò prevent the appearance on the surface of uneven accumulation of melanin.

It ‘also important to eat more fruits and red and yellow vegetables , rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and drinking green tea contains catechins, very effective anti-radicals to defend against infrared rays.

Avoid instead exfoliating scrub before esposorsi the sun as well as waxing on the face-to do at least three days before going to the sea – because they can trigger an inflammatory reaction in the skin that degenerates into hyperpigmentation. Also avoid perfumes face and neck, which they can be photosensitizing.