How to Prevent Makeup Melt: Flow Products, Tips

You know when you make that makeup, out or even for the day-to-day, and does not pass or 30 minutes that you’re with her and already feels that something isrunning at your face, looking like this melting? Several factors can influence this, one is that the skin tends to get greasy after a while of being precise preparation wash before makeup.

Dermatologists indicate that they are suitable for the cosmetics your skin type, this detail is important and can help combat this terrible aspect. Another important point is the way prepares a skin to receive the makeup, one of the key steps so that it does not melt throughout the day! Check out tips on products that can assist in this preparation, see below

Use Before Makeup

Makeup Remover (remove the makeup);

Cleansing cream (clear skin)

Easy tonic (toning, cooling off);



Easy Primer (prepare the skin, smoother finish);

Base (coverage, correction);

For oily skin, which in my opinion is one of the more hard work to take care of, products like makeup remover, cleansing cream, tonic easy, moisturizing and sunscreen must be free of oil, or oil free, do you have agents who will make the skin keep more oily, some being able to leave her mythologized holding the brightness for longer. Here at you can get more different models of the makeup skills. This type of skin already has excessive oilagents, doesn’t need you to add more, so it is important that no oil and this will be described in the product packaging.

Use Of Primer

The Primer is facial as if it were a “spackle” which will fix enlarged pores by standardising the skin, leaving most smooth and velvety. Many of them also serve to prologar the time of the makeup leaving skin more dry, oil-free.

Use The Base

The Base in addition to leave skin with color, uniform appearance and healthy, can also serve to hold the brightness! There are several bases on the market that have matte: dull, dry, which fairly hard in the face and is difficult to remove without help of a makeup remover! The skin gets dry aspect, because people who have oily skin already leave this base with natural way, as if your skin was normal – oily, and not also had used a basis for normal skin. Here in Brazil there are several brands, many are not nationals, but sell for here. The price is not a good friend, a good base of this type costs on average R $50.00. I’ve tested a few bases of this kind and one of the nicest of the effect was the Revlon Colorstay Combination oily skin.

This base is amazing! Here in Brazil it costs on average R $60.00, but in international shops you can find for just $11.95, stunning for the price difference that is marketed here in Brazil.