How to Prepare the Engagement Party?

Got engaged? Learn how to organize a charming, simple and delicate engagement party step by step!

The engagement is a moment always surrounded by a lot of emotion for the couple and their families. It is the confirmation of commitment, love and marks the beginning of a new life cycle. In this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about it. Come with us and learn how to turn that date into a magical day!

Traditionally, the engagement party is held by families. In a more current version, however, the couple themselves have taken on this role from the moment they decide to marry. The occasion can be celebrated in varied ways depending on the profile of the bride and groom. So, initially, choose your style, which can be formal or more relaxed.

In the first option, the request of marriage is made by the groom solemnly in front of all; in the second, the bride and groom receive their guests with the rings, without any formalities. Lately, the choice for a simple engagement is increasing. And you, have you thought how you want yours?

Planning Your Engagement Party: Budgeting And Next Steps

Before making more specific choices, there is a super important point to be defined: the volume of your money. Overall assessment of the whole process, not just the engagement party. Make a spreadsheet with all the events that will occur until the wedding, which is necessary for each and distribute the total amount between them. Thus, it will be easier to have a clear view of how much and how much to spend the money set aside for that purpose. Then you will have a fixed cost amount.

But be disciplined: follow what has been planned, keep all the notes, always look for the best prices and do not go beyond what was determined. If you and your family can produce some of the necessary items, it will be even better. Such as souvenirs, food and decoration details. These measures will be essential to avoid future headaches.

Once the budget is established, it is fundamental to think of steps that will be decisive and indispensable for the accomplishment of your event. Follow them all on your schedule with accuracy and your result will be fantastic. Can believe! They are 7, see:

Where and when to make the engagement party

List of guests for the engagement

Decoration for engagement

Engagement: what to serve?

Engagement Invitation: Formats and Deadlines

Engagement Party Souvenirs

Costumes: what to wear without engagement?

Ready. You should now plan your engagement party quietly. In the following paragraphs, we will present tips and solutions for these steps. In this way, it will be possible to have an exact dimension of what needs to be done, researched and budgeted. Take a deep breath, concentration and a lot of attention – inspiration is free! Here we go?

1st Step – Engagement Party: Who To Invite, Where And When To Do

This is an intimate celebration, which – usually – brings together families and close friends at a lunch or engagement dinner. And it should happen 3 months after the request for marriage and about 1 year before the ceremony itself.

So when making the list of guests remember the following: whoever is invited on that day must also be for the wedding. Otherwise, there may be an embarrassing situation for everyone and this should be avoided. Then you need to define the location, which can be the parents’ house, a charming restaurant or even an event hall. Everything will depend on the amount of people invited.

The choice of location will also influence the other points of the organization. If the place chosen is a restaurant, there will be limitations and a little more formality. Therefore, some guidelines on decoration and menu will be conditioned to the infrastructure of the chosen establishment. For that reason, think hard about the format you want!

Step 2 – Abre-Ala: Ideas And Suggestions For Your Engagement Invitation

The invitation of your engagement party does not need to have the exact same line of the wedding, because it will occur many months before. Make a simpler, more practical invitation version, small in size. With regard to design, there is a strong trend towards the use of letterings.

In addition to the information that is common, put some message that speaks about you for a personal touch. This is a delicate and very beautiful proposal. Worth following! Choose the print version if your list has more than 30 guests. If it is a lower number, you can make an online version with no problems. About sending, it is recommended that it be delivered to the guests 1 month before, because – thus – everyone can be scheduled.

Step 3 – Simplicity And Customization: Ways To Decorate Your Engagement Party

If your party is going to happen in a restaurant, the decor options are more limited – as we have already pointed out. But if your engagement is at home or in another space, you can feel at ease. To begin with, your engagement decoration should not necessarily be in line with that of the wedding.

Choose a line that has to do with your personality and choose details that help tell your love story: photos, murals for which sentences are written and backdrops collaborate a lot in that direction. Making the playful environment is a good alternative too: candles, balloons, signs with romantic messages and the hashtag for the photos will set the tone for the occasion.

Step 4 – Taste Of Happiness: What To Serve At The Engagement Party?

As well as the decor, the menu is quite flexible. The choice is yours and there is no rule. So be objective and think of three steps: starter, main course and dessert. One tip is to serve dishes that have marked your relationship.

In this context, it is interesting to have up to 3 menu options, so you can contemplate who-suddenly-have food restrictions, if any. This measure will depend on the characteristics of your guests. Be alert! Some interesting suggestions for the menu can be: table of cold cuts, sub sandwiches, verrines, cupcakes, Japanese food, crepes of varied flavors or barbecue, that are quite successful and are practical.

To serve, enjoy and leave the delicacies arranged so that the guests can choose what to eat according to the preference of each one. This format works a lot, you can bet. Also worth tidying the tables for starters, main courses and desserts. It always gets more organized. In parallel, have a variety of drinks available to everyone. This logistics, in addition to leaving the environment more familiar, minimizes the need for the hiring of waiters.

Step 5 – To Save In Memory: Engagement Souvenirs

A special day deserves to be remembered fondly, does not it? The Engagement Party favors should be well customized as well. Simplicity and delicacy are words to be based on thinking of these pampering. Water bottles, candies and acrylic cups are widely used ideas, all bearing the bride and groom’s name and referrals to the engagement.

Miniatures can be an option, for example: champagne, olive oil bottles, small plants or brigadeiro pots. Imagine the delicacy! Even you can do some of these. What, you think? If you would like to try out, here is a guide to making 10 creative keepsakes. Super easy!

Step 6 – With What Clothes To Go? The Ideal Costume For The Day Of Engagement

The costumes should be according to the type of party, but do not think of elaborate clothes-book this for the big day. For now, think of looser versions of engagement dress, long, floral prints, soft lace-enough to look beautiful, elegant and at ease. The occasion inspires freshness. Take this feature to your clothes. As for the groom, no formality either. Suit and tie are discarded, as are tuxedos, closed and dark shoes.

His clothes should follow the same line as yours, light and comfortable. Button or polo shirts, social shorts and pants are some alternatives. Light colors and pastel colors are welcome. The important thing is that the style of the two is in tune. For the guests, it is worth to indicate the type of costume in the invitation, according to the format defined.

From now on, keep all tips and hints. These are the mainstays for holding your engagement party. Feel it with your heart, evaluate your possibilities and draw up a plan. With focus, all your dreams are possible, believe me. This is a date that will mark the beginning of your love celebrations-the first in a series of beautiful events that will happen before your wedding.

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