How to Pick Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Choosing glasses depending on his face

When talking about morpho, we do not speak only of the body. The face, it is also part of the morpho. It is therefore important to always be synchronized, especially once reach, we will only see your face and sunglasses …

For those who have a round face, we forget immediately the round glasses. Visualize what could give the head to Toto … Voilà! An expression says to cut corners here, it does the opposite: as the face is round, you have to create angles. The best is the butterfly form, year 60 style that clearly back this year but also the ‘rectangular’ glasses. All angles created by the glasses will break the roundness of your face. With this sunglasses Forever 21( Softwareleverage), all the conditions are met.

The timeless model for you is the “Wayfarer” by Ray Ban, listed slightly back and these glasses are legends in their own right. The biggest stars in focus. If you have a rock look, this is the top.

For those who have a square face, no angles. You are cleared and the square jaw while not adding rectangular glasses over. You risk overdose of angles. This is exactly the same as the head but Toto square version. In short, no. The round models fit you well, choose colors and contemporary materials, as this model Forever 21 ( Our site) not to fall into the John Lennon look. You can also direct you to the oval, in the Carrera style, it can. Choose them as wide as your story faces well fill the square space.

Prefer thin frames, the curves will undertake to soften the angles of your face. We remain in the classics, turning to the Rayban Aviator, no risk of being wrong.

For those with the triangular face, high forehead, cheekbones and chin a pointed blade. We must focus on the upper face. The goal is to bring the eye to the top of the frame to forget what attracts attention to you: your chin.