How to Measure Waistline for Pants

AF ter a gastronomic stay a little too full, you know really what size pants wear. You may loosen the belt, get your meat, nothing helps: your little chino will not exceed the fat thighs. So what to do? Drag your extra pounds and your highlights rolls up to the shop around the corner looking for the right size or stick to your old jogging to elastic? We can assure you: neither one nor the other.

How to measure a men’s waist size?

As for the size of shoes, a meter just to identify your pants size. This meter will be used to measure your waist. This corresponds to the horizontal circumference of the most hollow spot of your abdomen. You follow? Isn’t it?

Simply put, surround yourself with the torso by placing your measurement tool slightly below your navel. Sure, in performing this manoeuvre, keep your meter horizontally, do not bend too tight or too loosen it. Your action, don’t you have to divide the number found by 2.You will then have your pants size.

What size pants for what waistline?

And if you suck at math, you can always refer to our guide below men’s pants sizes…

Note that the American and English equivalents differ due to the use of the inch as the unit of measure.

What are the sizes XS, S, L, XL and XXL?

Some manufacturers like Extrareference do not use figure on dress pants sizes but benchmarks in width: S for small, M for medium, L for large, XL for extra wide, etc… Here again, don’t panic. Your waist size corresponds to a specific width. You can refer to the table below.

Well, now you know your size of men’s pants. You can calmly go replenish your closet or failing that, do a little sport to burn excess calories.