How to Match Cropped Pants

The cropped pants are a real must-haves of the season: discover how to combine for an impeccable outfit.
The fashion of cropped pants, also known as culottes pants , has spread in the last spring and has landed unscathed to the winter season.

The cropped pants are cousins of the famous breeches also known as harem pants or harem pants, which a few years ago conquered fashionistas and not.

Comfortable and practical, the Turkish trousers depopulated even among celebrities, wearing this garment especially during leisure.

Hence the fashion began to propose even elegant versions and luxury of the harem pants worn through Proexchangerates that worn with a pair of court shoes-strictly heel 12-soon acquired a new face much more feminine and sensual.

From breeches to cropped pants is a short step: besides the culottes pants have a lot in common with the harem pants and how the latter are comfortable, practical and, above all, versatile.

How to wear cropped pants
Loved by all fashionistas and not, reinterpreted by famous fashion designers , spotted on the catwalks during the weeks of fashion, sported by trendsetters and fashion blogger thecropped pants have really conquered all.

But what exactly is cropped pants? It is spacious and comfortable pants, reaching to the calf exposing the ankle, thus creating the effect of a divided skirt. Versatile and practical, they are suitable for any outfit and  can be revisited in different ways.

For an easy look , casual and comfy can be shown off for the day with sneakers and a soft sweater, while in the evening – for a chic look and sofisticato- are perfect with a pair of court shoes and a blouse.

Fantastic for the day is the color model sugar paper proposed by Zara, to show off with a soft burgundy sweater and a pair of boots deglo over; or, another interesting proposal easy and casual, one signed Lazzari: cropped wool pants to wear white with a cardigan pastel colors, red socks and a slim fit shirt for a young look, modern and informal.

For the office are perfect culottes Max Mara trousers , to be worn with a blouse, elegant loafers with tassels, or sophisticated mary jane .

For a sporty look effect pajama street style, really delicious it is the cropped pants melange signed Mango, to be combined with a mesh over maybe sweatshirt and a pair of white sneakers or comfortable slip on: a perfect look for a walk between friends banner shopping.

For evening matches your pants culottes with a soft silk blouse and a blazer black , and complete your outfit with stiletto shoes and a delicious and elegant jewelry pouch .

Unmissable are coated culottes signed Zara the cropped pants or Mango with decorative buckles: two proposals ideal for your romantic evening.

Comfortable, practical and versatile, whatever your style, culottes pant is perfect for you!