How To Make Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer

The batteries of the mobiles never withstand everything that we would like. We have done lab tests to find out why. And we give you 6 usage tips to make them last longer.

The ability of batteries in smartphones is a misleading issue. A smartphone can last 20 days without recharging if we leave it on stand by, according to cellphoneexplorer. But if we take advantage of it (calls, the Internet, GPS…) it will hardly last a day and a half.Six tips to stretch the life of your battery.

Tips for your battery to last longer

Here are6 tipsto keep your cell phone running:

1. An austere screen

The screen is the most consuming battery on a phone: it is advisable to disable (or block) when not in use, avoid animations in the background and decrease the brightness (and increase it only when necessary, for example outdoors With sunlight).

2. Turn off automatic synchronization

We will save battery hours if we deactivate the automatic synchronization of our phone and synchronize each application manually at the moment of using it.In fact, if we are almost without a battery and need to last a little longer, it is best to completely disable the data connection, since even though we are not using the applications, they often send data to update.

3. Outside the wireless connections

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS features whenever you’re not using them.

4. Manage your antenna

The mobile uses a lot of battery when it tries to find coverage.If you are in an area without signal, reduce the consumption of the antenna by selecting the function “Airplane Mode”: you will be able to continue using the smartphone, but not to make calls.

5. Get a USB Charger

Most smartphones can be charged with a USB cable: always have one on hand and you can recharge the battery in any computer, car, etc.

6. Extra Help

There are many free applications that are responsible for managing the battery savings of mobile phones, not only monitoring consumption but providing shortcuts to enable or disable certain connections or features. You can find them in the App Store of your operating system.

Uses and consumption

In our analysis we have considered that a normal use of the smartphone includes 5 daily calls of 5 minutes each, 25 minutes on the Internet (using various applications: YouTube, chat, Spotify…), one hour listening to music and on time GPS Two 5-minute consultations).

Also keep in mind that our favorite applications (Gmail, Twitter, Tuenti…) are automatically synchronized every 15 minutes, consuming energy.

Lab test

We measured in laboratory the duration of the battery of 38 mobiles in different use cases:

Standby: Do not use the phone at all, keeping it with a fixed coverage, the screen off, without receiving or making calls, without activating any connection.

Calls: We make an endless call and see how long the battery lasts.

Download of data: This situation is simulated with the visualization of videos in Youtube.

GPS Navigation: We use GoogleMaps, which in addition to turning on the GPS requires a continuous data download.

Music player: With the mobile screen turned off.

The results revealed that smartphones last up to almost 20 days in standby mode (it does not happen at all, some like theMotorola Defyonly last half).But in order to stay in standby for so long, our mobile should have a fixed coverage (without switching from 2G to 3G), have the screen turned off and not receive or make calls.

As it is used to call, connect to the Internet or listen to music, a dramatic drop in hours is detected.The battery of our smartphone would hold on average 6 hours in calls and only 3 hours permanently connected to the Internet or with the GPS connected.

Contrast with reality

Despite the results of the lab (20 days on standby), smartphone users have the feeling that their batteries hardly last a day, even when they use little.The explanation?Some consumes deplete more energy than others:

Calls: For every minute of talking we are consuming 77 minutes of the maximum battery of the phone (the one that would consume if we kept it in standby).

Internet: For every minute of Internet connection, 134 minutes of maximum battery.

Listen to music: For every minute, 17 minutes of maximum battery consumed.

GPS (Google Maps): For each minute, 134 minutes of maximum battery consumed.

Conclusions: everyday use depletes batteries

With a simple calculation from the data measured for each activity, we estimate that in a single day of daily use we would consume 22,000 minutes of the maximum battery of our mobile.

If the battery of our smartphone lasts on average 28000 minutes, it will hardly lasta day and a halfwithout having to recharge it again.