How to Make Your Own Jean Jacket Out of Old Jeans

To create something truly original and slightly vintage, you can recycle some cloth or some items that you no longer use to create wonderful jackets. Among the items that can be recycled more easily to create resistant vests, there are sure to be the old jeans. The denim in fact, lends itself perfectly to the creation of various items of clothing like skirts, vests, purses and jackets. Make a jacket with old jeans that you no longer use is not difficult, but definitely serves a certain familiarity with needle and thread, but especially with the sewing machine. But how to make a jacket with old jeans?

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • 4 or 5 pairs of jeans, sewing machine, thread, needle, scissors.

The denim is definitely one of the strongest and most durable jeans, says Itypemba. Surely you have in your drawers at least two or three pairs of jeans that are no longer using because too are now too narrow or too wide. If you don’t want to waste anything but want to recycle the fabric of these old jeans to make a jacket or a vest shaped, you definitely have some skill to use the sewing machine otherwise, this work will be next to impossible. Hand sewing with needle and thread on denim is very difficult and for that, you’ll need the sewing machine.

Start the procedure to create a jeans jacket with some old unused pants apart the inner of the two thighs to at least 2 pairs of jeans. Once you have removed all the thread along the fabric from the crotch to ankle, frayed jeans, roll out on a table. Take measurements of your lives and your chest to create a jacket more or less shaped. Baste the jacket with a needle and thread to figure out where you go to sew with the sewing machine. Once this is done, add the two pairs of jeans on two sides, with the aid of the sewing machine to form the front and back of the jacket.

If you are not very experienced can also avoid to create a jacket with sleeves and you’ll have to settle for a sleeveless jacket. Create buttonholes on the front of the jacket where you are going to sew buttons to button the jacket. Sew the sides of jackets and let openings where you will escape your arms. Recycling jeans, you can’t definitely get a jacket with a collar but you’ll have to create a Korean-style jacket with a collar or a boat neck.


Never forget:

  • Use multiple pairs of jeans.