How to Make Scarf in Blouse-Step by Step

Three Ways To Turn Scarf In Blouse

The scarves are very versatile accessories. In addition to being used to spruce up the neck, can also be used on the hair, handbags, hats and sweaters. It is possible to transform a scarf into a beautiful blouse. It’s quick and easy. See three ways super easy to wear scarves as blouses.

To use the scarf as a halter blouse, take a square scarf, first, tie a knot uniting two ends, leaving a space to stab in the neck. So, the scarf will be looks like a triangle. Insert the neck and tie in the back both ends left over.

You can make the same scarf other type of Halter blouse blouse. This time, take the square scarf and fold in half, forming a triangle, passing one end over the other. Tie behind the neck and with low tie a knot in the back. Ready one more beautiful and practical sweater.

The third way to use a scarf as blouse, is a little different and make it you will need two scarves look alike. Take the two square scarves, place them in a position of diamond, tie a knot uniting the tip off of the two tissues. Once you’ve done this, place on top of a shoulder, a handkerchief to front and the other behind. The lateral ends of the scarf from front must be tied behind my back. Do the same with scarf that is back, only this time, tie in front, at waist. So you will have a single-shoulder blouse and longer.