How to Make Plus Size Look Good

Be shapely, even for the severe world of fashion, it is no longer sin. If the designers and professionals are beginning to realize the rescue of plump women, it means that the phenomenon is now widespread. Mind you, the curves have always existed, and always have been in the majority, over women’s bodies. What is new, and we support it with pleasure, it is a new-found pride, a regained serenity with his body, which he did out of the shadows “real women”, as they call themselves, to take back what is to them the taste the dress and the like each other, to tell their stories and show themselves for what has been, thus liberated from complexes and fears. On the following pages, you will find a series of tips on dress, tailored to the curvy, small tips in five steps to highlight what you love, and to conceal what makes insecure, because the fashion to become an ally in the expression of self.

Step 1: slender

For the slender curvy figure the heels become strategic. Even the boots for the cause, because they create an elongated silhouette, as well as the platform shoes and boots. The high-waisted garments, clothing and sheath dresses trapezoidal, or clothes from slipping forms, held together by a thin belt, will give the body the right elegance. The high life is also advisable to look for every day, for skirts and pants that enhance the butt, hips and breasts, without crushing the figure. As for special occasions, the ideal is the empire style: evening dresses long, draped and light, they huddle under the breast and fall soft on the sides. The classic “little black dress” Coco Chanel, the immortal little black dress, it is also ideal for curvy, provided you avoid models too tight.

Step 2: enhancing

For those who want to enhance her breasts, revealing necklines not too deep can prove to be a good idea. The high waist belt, or clothing style empire, serve the same purpose. The important thing is not to overdo it with push ups and bras that make breaststoo flashy. Those who want to bring out your hips choose skirts or high-waisted trousers, ideal for enhancing also the buttocks, especially when worn with shirts or jerseys strung all internal. The dresses are worn with cunning: they must be above the knee, but not too short, by possibly combined with ankle boots or boots in the winter and high in summer sandals. Who focuses on the beauty of the legs, of course, he can discover them, judiciously. In winter we suggest skirts with straight lines, or pencil combined with jackets with soft lines, perhaps he closed by belts. In summer shorts with wide lines give both a relaxed look and sexy. The too short and narrow skirts are to be avoided, because they flatter the figure. Better a balloon skirt effect, discovers her legs extent, and at the same time covers the stomach and hips.

Step 3: cover

For those who want to cover the belly and hips, are essential lines not too bandaged. A coat either straight or slightly flared, the sixties line, worth a look. Even for sweaters and tops, you can wear models with high accollature, maxipull or poncho from basic lines. The tunics and loose shirts, a nice masculine cut, helping to cover the forms that you do not want to put too much on display. The trench, or wrap dresses are ideal for those who want to focus on legs and hips. They help with the belt at the waist, to enhance the curves and show off your legs, thanks to freedom of movement from the opening date on the front. Clothes “to wrap dress” is a smart way to be casual and sexy at the same time. Who wants to cover her breasts, because they are too prosperous, restraints can choose bras, choosing models that do not crush. If you do not like their legs, and they prefer to cover them, you can choose a pant: a classic model “palace”, or a soft close to the calf, paired with boots or shoes with a heel, it will give you security and comfort right.

Step 4: choose (shapes, colors, fabrics)

Choosing the right colors, the most appropriate forms to their own lines, and fabrics suitable to enhance their preferences, it is a game that can be fun, as well as strategic.

As for the colors, dark or sober ones are an increasingly effective classic choice: the shades of gray, the precious colors like garnet and emerald, i-like blacks as deep purple, the dark blue, the anthracite, are moves without fail. If you love the prints, it is better to choose those more discreet, not too noisy, even better shape the silhouette being distributed only on portions of cloth, rather than through the body you have chosen. The flared forms, especially when it comes to top or clothes, will help cover up or downplay your hips and belly, and at the same time give value to the breast. Most adherents cuts are not prohibited: the pencil, the high waist pants and tight on the sides, the top-hugging are all elements that can be worn as long as you decide to enhance the body making it more self-confident: the thing the most important thing is to feel comfortable in their clothes. Among the fabrics, light ones such as cotton, the linen and silk give lightness and comfort. The soft wool or cashmere in the winter not only keep you warm, but make pullovers and sweaters more malleable, allowing you to play with the addition of accessories such as belts and brooches. The right accessories can become the perfect allies to bring attention to where you want.

Step 5: avoid (shapes, colors, fabrics)

The colors to avoid are those too flashy, or the combination of too many colors. The important thing, in every choice, is to avoid the excess and act with measurement, both in the choice of colors, both in the matching of fabrics and cuts. The white, for example, pink, and pastel colors in general, penalize curvy lines, but this does not mean giving up a color that maybe you love. Between shades of blue, you could choose a more “soft”, the cream is better than bright white, and oil is best blue. Another way to meet the love of a little suitable color may be to allocate it to accessories: bags, shoes, pins and small jewelry. The secret, in all things, is the measure.

The oversized shapes, and XXL , are to be avoided, because they create a counterproductive effect “sack.” The other excess, the forms are too tight of skinny jeans, leggings and tight dresses are inadvisable. The belts should be big and important if they go under thebreasts, thinner only if they go in life, perhaps to turn a cardigan bon ton. In general it is better to favor one basic style and avoid especially ruffles, flounces, excessive decorations and too many layers. If you love a decorative style, it is better to play with the draping of fabric, or wearing scarves and pashminas enveloping. Among the fabrics, it is better to leave out the velvet, especially corduroy, denim too rigid and in general the fabrics that do not accompany the body softly, but are imposed on it by acceding too much or by remaining far as armor.