How To Make Hamburger Bread

Do you love hamburgers and can not resist eating from time to time? At we bring you a simple recipe so you can make your own hamburgers at home. This time we’ll explain how to make hamburger bread.

How To Make Hamburger Bread

With your home buns you will enjoy the pleasure of eating hamburgers in your own home, as well as a healthy bread and made with the best ingredients. Put on the apron and get to work!


250 gr. Of flour

2 gr. Dry yeast

12 gr. of sugar

100 ml. of water

38 ml. milk

38 gr. of butter


Seeds to decorate (sesame or poppy)


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1 The first step to know how to make hamburger bread is to mix the 250 grams of flour with 2 grams of dry yeast and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Add also the 100 milliliters of water, to be warm, the 12 grams of sugar, the egg, the 38 milliliters of milk and the butter that should be at room temperature.

2 Then, remove all the ingredients until a thick and homogeneous dough is obtained. Once you have it, place the dough on the countertop to start kneading. If you consider it necessary, you can sprinkle on the top a little flour to prevent the dough from sticking.

3 If while you kneading observe that the mixture is hooked and stays between the fingers, you must add a little more flour until you get the dough is elastic and not stick.

4 Knead for a few minutes until you get the consistency we have discussed before (elasticity and looseness). Once you have it, take a container and paint it with olive oil. Then place the dough and let it sitin the bowl for about an hour. You will observe that with the rest at room temperature the mass doubles its volume.

5 After the required rest time, take the dough and knead it a little, again. This will degassify the dough before preparing thebollitos. Then divide the dough of the hamburger bun evenly into rounded portions. Make small balls of about 90 or 100 grams of mass each.

6 Then, place the round portions on a baking sheet that you must have covered before with greaseproof paper to prevent them from sticking. We also advise you to leave a reasonable space between each ball, since they will increase their volume during baking.

7 Preheat the oven to about 200 ° C above and below, and place the pan with the bread portions ready to be baked. Watch the evolution of hamburger bread: when you see that it is golden and has risen, it will be time to remove it. You can check if it is done inside by nailing a stick: if it comes out wet it will mean that the bun is still raw.

Referring to Fig.

Once you remove the buns from the oven, beat an egg and paint the surface with a kitchen brush. Be careful not to deform the bread. You can also place on the surface the sesame or poppy seeds as a decoration, in addition to the loaves that are more similar to those used in fast foodestablishments.

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Once painted and decorated, reintroduce the buns in the oven and leave them for about a quarter of an hour to make them brown. After 15 minutes, remove them and allow them to cool to room temperature.

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