How to Make Eyebrows at Home

Tips On How To Make Eyebrows At Home.


1- 2 pencil, 1 white eye and any others to do the measurements.

2- Brush to comb your eyebrows.

3- Scissors to cut the excess size of by.

4- Clamp.

How To Make Eyebrows At Home:

-In front of the mirror, pull the measuring pencil on the larger side of the nose and make a vertical line with the eyebrow, using the white eye pencil. This line determines the beginning of it.

-Eyebrows typically has a higher portion of course, usually gets in the middle of it. Here at Floralamakeup you can get more different models of the makeup. Looking forward in the mirror with your eyeball right in the Center, place the pencil in the final line of the globe and trace a line towards the end of the measurement in the eyebrow pencil. This line will delimit the upper part of the eyebrow, the curvature.

-Position the measuring pencil in the same part that first step and lean over the low the end part of the eye and trace a line towards the tip of the pencil. This line sets out the end of the eyebrow.

-Eyebrow Comb leaving well join part full, making the natural drawing clear.

-With the white pencil join the lines you traced.

-With the help of tweezers remove the other who stayed on the line and beyond.

-Comb again the eyebrow, only now up and with the help of eyebrow scissors cut the part also by out of drawing with white pencil.

– Do not forget to remove the hairs that fall between the two eyebrows.

-Delete the lines, and you’re done! Eyebrows drawn and beautiful.