How to Make a Straw Bag

Renew your summer look is easy, just point to Accessories. This is how you customize a straw bag.

Summer time. There are those who, weather permitting, has already planned weekend at sea, who is mentally praparando wardrobe and luggage because you chose to go on vacation in July. Those who must wait for August or September, but since it’s summer vacation also look for work chooses.

What is certain is that this year the summer fashion includes the straw bag. I personally have always liked what those simple woven bags that the French ladies are also used to go to the market or to the boulangerie to buy baguettes. I always thought they were very chic to take to the Beach with beach towels and creams, wearing a white linen shirt and maybe a campaign hat.

They’ll have for sale many, both from Carpisa that by Benetton, which from Accessories, for example, but if you’re skilled with sewing and equally creative, you could customize them yourself, adapting them to your style.

I found that on E-Bay you can buy raw bags, to decorate, to Moroccan craftsmanship, cheaply.

Below here are some ideas to get a bag suitable for both the beach and warm.

Ideal for the beach, for a picnic in the countryside or even for the bedroom of your girls, like magazine racks or miscellany. A big bag lined with fabric flowers and a nice little bow.

The work of lavoralalana. blogspot

If you have at home tapes, fabrics, laces and trimmings, simply find one suitable and apply it, the bag will surely look different.

Or, with a large Ribbon or strip of cloth, you can sew a bow with which wrap the bag, a chic detail.

Sometimes it takes many colored buttons sewn or glued to liven up the straw and make fun your purse.

Or if you tried to make crocheted flowers or you know make more with raffia, try to apply it on the bag. Here are some ideas:

There is even, a lover of decoupage, has decorated her straw bag.

And finally a sumptuous bag with fabric, trimmings and beads. If you want to inspire you and attempt to produce a similar, try this. Otherwise, the shop has lots of sale, you’ll be spoilt for choice!