How to Make a Scarf from Recycled T-shirts

But to make us look good, some of the accessories help us prevent adverse weather conditions. Therefore we will show you how you will form scarf entirely from recycled materials, and thus will contribute to the protection of the environment and of course … your pocket.

Materials needed:

Two old shirts
End (in tune with the colors on the blouse)

Method of preparation:

1. Provision of necessary materials.

Cutting of the shirt.
2a. Measure 32 cm from the hem to the top of her blouse and mark using the chalk.
2b. Then cut the shirt along the marked line to get the rectangular figure.
2c. Cut one end of the rectangle.
2d. Cut the hem of her shirt.

3. Folding and sewing.
Fold the long strip of cloth that you received a half and sew it up at length, as shown in the image. The goal is to form a cord, which then will serve for knitting.
4. Flip.
Take the fabric, so that the seams remain inside.
5. Repeat the procedure.
Repeat step 2, 3 and 4 with the other blouse.

6. First knitting.
6a. Place the two pieces of fabric in a U-shape, over one another.
6b. Pass the two ends of the gray fabric, as shown in the image. Do not knot and leave space between the fabrics.

7. Second knitting.
7a. Repeat step 6.
7b. Do the same nodes and, if necessary tighten.

8. Connect.
8a. Contact fabrics.
8b. Combine them as they sew on both ends. Be aware that seams to be from the inside. In order not to get confused, you can use pins to remove easily after processing of fabrics.
8c. This is the moment in which the stitches are turning inward and to be care not to get a gap between them.
8d. Sew the last seam.

9. Enjoy a beautiful handmade scarf from t-shirt designed via Globalsciencellc.