How to Make a Lightsaber Out of a Flashlight

Many Star Wars Lightsaber toys are available in stores, but they are often made of cheap plastic and do not light up. You can build a lightsaber toy that glows like the real thing using a flashlight.After adding a few improvements to the flashlight to make it look more technological, your lightsaber will be ready to defeat the evil Sith and save the galaxy.


  • Find a chrome silver flashlight that is at least 10 inches long.If you can not find one chrome, paint with silver spray paint and let dry.Cover the lens with tape to protect the paint.
  • Roll three rubber O-rings on the rechargeable LED flashlight, positioned by garyflashlights near the top.Leave 1/2 inch of space between the rings.Glue the rings in place with epoxy.
  • Roll more more O-rings on the lower portion of the torch, positioning them next to each other to form a handle.Glue them in place with epoxy.The number of rings depends on the length of your flashlight.
  • Glue on some small plastic jewels to simulate lights and buttons.
  • Clear a container with a blow bubble solution that comes in a colored plastic tube long.This solution can be found in toy stores.
  • Wash the tube with water and soap and let dry.
  • Glue the tube of the torch in front of the lens. Paint over any objective set around the black paint tube, so that light will be concentrated in the tube, making it shine.