How to Make a Bathroom More Spacious

Many of our houses are equipped with a small bathroom, it is the primary or the service does not matter: you have to look for measures to make it more spacious by following the interior design. There are situations in which a small bathroom has no windows, a condition where it can be cramped and claustrophobic.

How to Make a Bathroom More Spacious

However, there are interesting suggestions to make it bigger, avoiding making the most classic mistakes that, instead of getting the desired effect, cause the one hand, making them even smaller environment.

We need to focus on the colors right and other furnishing tricks, because despite the limited space, you can achieve interesting improvements.

Small bathroom: focus on the ceiling and walls

When we feel ready to renovate or redecorate a small bathroom, we must focus our attention on light colors.

Tiles and walls will have to be clear, combined with slightly darker patterned.

The ceiling must be white repainted, in order to make wider its height if it were too low.

WC: floors in light colors

As well as for the walls and the ceiling, even the floor will have to be characterized by light colors.

We must focus on the tiles of medium size, because if we use those small, the bathroom is even more reduced.

If the floor of our bathroom is dark and you can not change, just add a light carpet to make it bright and spacious environment.

Small bathroom: the cabinets and accessories

When you find yourself in front of a small bathroom , trying to reduce to a minimum cabinets and accessories.

With regard to washbasins, preferiamoli in suspension: in this way the space will not be occupied excessively.

If it is necessary, it is always better to focus on accessories and cabinets in light colors; for the shower, we opt for a transparent glass structure, given the fact that it is one of the latest trends of the moment regarding the bathroom furniture.

WC: lights and decorations

The light is very important to make the largest and, in this regard environment, there are interesting suggestions to put into practice.

We choose a recessed lighting system for not clutter the space and focus on medium-sized decorations rather than too large.

Small bathroom: all necessary advice to make it bigger

The measures to be taken are very many, but there are some basic tips that will help us make the ‘larger environment, in addition to the arrangement of furniture, walls, floors and lighting.

First of all, the green light to mirrors and glass, given the fact that thanks to the transparencies and reflections, the bathroom will be more deep, bright and modern.

We must also pay attention to the arrangement of the elements: we avoid the water on display just opened the door and we use the technique of “less is more.”

Light colors, such as white, give the optical illusion of a larger space, but often is not very personal.

To give our bathroom a touch of personality, you could bet on all of the pastel tones, since it is still soft colors.

We exploit the spaces, such as under the sink or next: we must try not to waste anything without result the bathroom messy and disorganized.

With regard to health, in addition to the choice of sinks in suspension, we focus on the small ones, are characterized by long, narrow design and taps fixed to the wall.

To decorate a small bathroom we should not give up the comfort of those pieces of furniture that can make it beautiful and functional, but take small strategies that make it flawless and airy: one might think of adding modular furniture to save space.