How to Maintain a Sleeping Bag

By doing so, you will damage not closing and you store your bag in a different way each time.

  1. Storage

If you keep it permanently compressed, it will deteriorate the lining and bag inflating therefore lose heat so … Store your uncompressed bag in a large airy mesh (mesh or cotton) in a dry place. The best thing would be to store it flat, but it takes up space. Avoid hang not that the packing settles on itself, whether down or synthetic.

  1. Cleaning


Washing a down is always a delicate operation. Indeed, considering the price of the bags so be careful. Some brands offer a professional cleaning service as Valandré or Triple Zero for example.

If you choose to do it yourself, here are some recommendations for sleeping bag comfort ratings:

  • If the down is very dirty, soak it in water at 20 ° with some washing for at least 6 hours or more before washing so that dirt may become washed out to follow, and even gently brush the most impregnated parts.
  • Return down before putting machine to avoid over wreck the water repellency of the external fabric.
  • Washing at low temperature: 30 °
  • Use a laundry not too aggressive (Marseille soap style) or tier of the normal dose of another detergent, or a special “down” Detergent
  • Use the program “wool” or “delicate” of your washing machine
  • Check for sharp area in the drum of the machine to prevent snagging (can use a mesh bag)
  • Put tennis balls in the drum to limit the implementation of fluff balls
  • Rinse thoroughly, rather than 2 times or even more …
  • Drying is the most important step.Use a low temperature dryer for several hours and allowed to dry in the open air flat, turning from time to time
  • Undo the wet fluff packets at regular intervals during the drying
  • Complete drying can be long (> 24 hours)
  • Verification: Weigh the sleeping bag, if it is heavier than before, the down is still wet.Continue drying

If the washing machine scares you, using a large basin or tub, and enjoy it for good soak a while before washing. After many years of use, a good wash restores the swelling down. However, it is not advisable to wash her down frequently.


The recommendations are the same as the down, but the drying process will be much faster. In addition, the lining will not form a package avoiding the tedious work of replacing the blanket.

Too frequent washing deteriorate the fiber and decrease the swelling.


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