How to Keep Your 15 GB (or 30 GB) of Free Space on Onedrive

The onedrive, storage service in the cloud already called Windows Live Folders and Windows Live SkyDrive and then SkyDrive, with 5 GB space, 25 GB, 7 GB, 15 GB and recently had reduction announcement for 5 GB, will offer 15 again GB for interested users. Microsoft announced on Friday (11) reversed its decision to reduce the free storage on the service. Or nearly so.

Microsoft will allow users to maintain free 15 GB storage and 15 GB of bonuses offered to those who activated the automatic backup feature photos. However, the increase is not for everyone. Anyone who wants to keep the expanded space should access this page and express their interest manually.

The idea is similar to the last reduction in storage when the quota reduced from 25GB to 7GB before increasing to 15 GB: a temporary warning web interface invited the old users to click a button to increase the space. New users were already subject to the new old limit of 7GB.

Who had space “unlimited” in onedrive to have signed the Office 365 can keep the data for 12 months for a refund of the subscription, while new customers will receive 1 TB.  In November, when he announced the termination of “unlimited”, Microsoft It reported that some users were “abusing” the service to send multiple terabytes of data to onedrive.

With the announcement, the onedrive, former Windows Live Folders, former Windows Live SkyDrive and former SkyDrive, which offers 5 GB, 25 GB, 7 GB, 15 GB and now 5GB for new users and 15 GB or 30 GB for old users, will remain relatively competitive for those who do not want to spend money to save files online. We made a comparison between seven storage services in the cloud .

When Microsoft change your mind again in relation to the free limit (or maybe change the name onedrive), let you know.

Updated at 17h21 with instructions to keep the expanded space.

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