How to Keep Bed Linen Always Perfect?

Time to wash:

  • Before you begin, check the labels of the bedding before washing it properly and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Always rinse white parts separated from colored, cotton parts separated from or polyester mixed fabric. Polyester loose balls and these will deposit on natural fibers.
  • Dry the linen in the Sun to make it more. You don’t have to let them dry too so as not to lose the scent.
  • Use vinegar in the rinse to neutralize odors and remove the SOAP more efficiently. Don’t forget the softener.

Time to move:

  • So remove the bedding of the Clothesline, fold it so that it remains less crushed, making it at the time of passing the same.
  • Start ironing by the edges of the sheets, so they bend more easily.
  • Do not leave the linens become extremely dried to pass them, so don’t be so time consuming and laborious.
  • To pass pillowcases, start passing them open and then fold in half in width and then in half again.

Time saving:

  • To save a sheet recém-passado, place it under the stack, to ensure that all games were used in the same way.
  • Boxes or drawers labeled help in the Organization of the sheets and pillowcases. For those who do not have much space in closet a good tip is to use a trunk.

Time to get:

  • A good tip is to use a mattress protector, it helps extend the life of the bed linen and increases the feeling of softness.
  • Then put the sheet of low-bed linen with elastic is more practical and more woman in bed.
  • If you’re going to use the template without elastic, open the sheet over the bed to leave the falls on the sides of the same size. Then put on a sheet and pull the part of bending up to the headboard.
  • The duvet should be placed so that the fall on the sides and at the front have the same size.
  • The leftover quilt must be facing bedside along with the bending of the sheet.
  • Put six pillows let more inviting and comfortable bed.
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TIP:The scented water keeps your bed clothes always smell nice. You can use it in time to spend, in addition to perfume, water helps soften the fabric of linen and bath leaving the iron slide more easily.

Also use the sheets and comforters that are already in use. Just two or three sprinkled to make them like that have just been placed in bed, fragrant and smooth, fragrant water also helps them take a dent out tissues.