How to Iron a Jacket

Iron has always been one of the most unpleasant and housework becomes even more stressful when you’re dealing with jackets and shirts. If your mother-in-law (skilled finisher!) makes note that aren’t quite perfect then it is time to move on to counterattack, and show her that you too have something to teach her: now I’ll show you how to do it.

First, try to abandon the idea that stretch a jacket is a company that can do well only at the cleaners: is perhaps a bit longer than usual but following some simple steps you will become soon the talented/o.

A valuable advice is to bring air to the jacket before you stretch it and especially to brush it well.
Meanwhile, prepare the ironing, turn on the iron and regulates temperature making sure it is not too high.

If the jacket is a heavy fabric will be essential to use steam because the folds go away more easily. If it is made of a lightweight material, the use of steam is not recommended because the fabric could swell. Anyway, just make a test on a small area and see if it is the case or not to use steam.

The Basic Steps

To get started, make sure you have at hand a white cloth of cotton have to lean over the side of the jacket to be ironed and remember to turn it on the contrary because otherwise you could ruin.

Unbuttons entire vintage jacket (cuffs included in and open it all.

This done, you start stretching before the pleats, then the seams and sleeves, taking care to let the fabric for a few moments. Typically most ironing boards have a stretch-sleeve: it will be very useful!

After this step, continue with the collar and finally with the rest of the jacket.

The Finishing Touches

Once this first phase, you can continue with the finishing touches, putting any splits and folds.

When you get to the pocket area, be careful to pull cover tightly the lining so you will avoid ugly wrinkles.

Now you can go back on the lapel and collar which should be placed on the obverse and back slightly. Now it’s time to put the jacket on a crutch, but you’re not done yet!

Take the iron and, using same old cotton cloth to protect the fabric, press the part of your shoulders under the pads. Now you’re done ironing the jacket and you can hang it in the closet making sure it doesn’t crumple.

Some Little Trick

If you’re not very familiar with the flat iron, before ironing your favorite jacket is better practice with something less challenging.

Sometimes, after ironing, in some areas appear of shiny patches but don’t panic: rub on the affected part a slice of raw potato and then brush well. The glow will disappear immediately.

However, remember that this happens if you switch the dry iron on garments too dry. Before proceeding with the ironing, so, it is better to spray fabrics with some freshwater, using only standard spray.