How to Install a Wireless Webcam for Remote Internet Viewing

Webcams have come a long way in both capabilities and features. These cameras can now be purchased with a built-in Wi-Fi connection that can be accessed remotely. This means that you are no longer required to devote a computer with a USB connection to streaming video as you talk to family or friends. In addition, the wireless aspect of these devices makes it possible to place one or multiple cameras around your home or office for remote security surveillance. The cameras are designed for quick and easy installation, and you do not need a high level of ability to set up a webcam for your Wi-Fi network.

1Connect your webcam directly to your network router using an Ethernet cable. This is only necessary for device configuration.

2 Configure wireless camera settings using your home or office Wi-Fi network requirements. This will include the appropriate SSID for your network as well as all the security keys needed to access the network. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual for your particular webcam model.

3 Disconnect your webcam from the router and allow it to connect via Wi-Fi to your network. Test the video stream by accessing the camera using the instructions provided for your camera model.

4 Test video access from a computer outside the local network. If the video appears, review the documentation for your webcam and router to determine if any of the network ports that the camera uses are blocked by your firewall router.