How to Install a DVD Recorder

The DVD recorder is a very important component in any modern computer, but some models arrive at the factory without the accessory, which must be purchased separately. However, many users do not know how to install a DVD recorder by themselves, having to ask for help from a technician.Follow the TechTudo tutorial and see how easy it is to install the driver yourself.

DVD Recorder (Photo: Press Release)

Step 1. Turn off your computer completely.

Step 2. Open the case of your PC.

Step 3. If you already have a CD or DVD drive that will be replaced by the new one, remove the connectors and screws on the side of the drive and carefully remove it.

Step 4. Place the new DVD recorder in the space dedicated to it in its enclosure and screw its sides if need be.

IDE (above) and SATA (below) connectors for DVD recorders (Photo: Playback)

Step 5. Attach the cables that go from the motherboard to the drive in the relative inputs.There are two cables: one of power and one of data.The power is universal, but the data has two types, IDE and SATA.Note the input of your drive and place the corresponding cables;

Step 6. Close your enclosure;

Step 7. Turn on your computer normally;

Step 8. Your system should recognize the drive, which will be automatically installed.

Step 9. Restart your computer;

Step 10. Ready!Your new DVD recorder is installed and ready to use.