How to Increase Bust Size

In this summer, we wear lighter and often more revealing clothing. When our chest is rather tiny and we’re uncomfortable with it, we must choose the right clothes to feel beautiful and good about ourselves. Here are 5 tips to enhance small breasts.

Choice of bra

Rule of Usvsukenglish: we choose a bra with padding to increase the volume and give the curve in your chest every day. And apply the same rule at the top of swimsuit.


Allowed necklines plunging to those who have a bigger chest (because otherwise it emphasizes the tiny dip in the small swimming pool) and opts for a higher cut at the neck or eye-catching addition on the chest and give it a certain roundness.Skeptical? You can take the test between a V-neck sweater and a turtleneck plunging and give me the news.


We choose structured jackets and blazers for what is soft, while not help create a curve, but to give a vertical effect and without volume. The curved jacket at the waist then have a double mission, emphasize your waist and enhance your chest.


It advocates the pockets blouses, tops patterned blouses and loops to create an illusion of volume. With this blouse (the picture above), we see the difference between the left side to cheaper Frisian at first glance and the right side… that falls just right. It can give you a good idea of what to look for.


If our shape allows it carries the sailor stripe or a finer scratch, scratch galba will have a guaranteed effect.

And finally, we accept what nature has given us, it improves without making an obsession and value we put our other assets!