How to Have Long Eyelashes?

Have long lashes is what most girls want, isn’t it? Too bad, most of the time, who have they are children and men. It is not difficult to find girls who wanted the eyelashes of a child, or the boyfriend. When we see that, the world seems so unfair, but you can do some things that will make your lashes stay longer and filled. Once you add these steps in your routine, you will begin to see long lashes in the mirror in no time!

Never sleep with makeup on eyes

Every night before bed you should wash your face and take all his makeup. This will make your skin stay healthy always. However, remove shadows, eyeliner and mascara is especially useful if you want longer eyelashes. The eyelashes need special consideration and a hole to breathe so that they grow up healthy.

Start brushing your eyelashes regularly

As well as brushing her hair helps in the growth of the wires, do the same with the eyelashes may cause them to stay longer and filled. The experts suggest brushing the eyelashes frequently, at least twice a week. For this, use a special brush for eyelashes so that you don’t pull or break them.

Enter more foods with vitamin E in your diet

Research shows that in order to have long eyelashes vitamin E is essential, since it helps to accelerate the growth of the wires.Vitamin E is present mainly in nuts and seeds, but you can get more of this vitamin if you speak with your doctor so he can prescribe vitamin supplements. They will enhance the power of vitamin E.

Massage on the eyelids

The massage you will have to do yourself, since it’s not a common treatment in establishments of aesthetics. Massage stimulates blood circulation, in this case of the eyelids, and this causes you to have long eyelashes and full. You don’t have to do the massage every day. Once a week is enough to improve the health of the hair and, consequently, improve the health of the eyelashes.

Put Vaseline on eyelashes

Polls also show that petroleum jelly helps to promote the growth of eyelashes. The vaseline, besides leaving the long lashes, also makes them healthy. Apply a small amount of the product before you go to bed and let the Act while you sleep. The result is wonderful.

Natural oil contains nutrients for Eyelash growth

Like the rest of our body, our eyelashes need certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and long. To help in the choice of a healthy diet, you can improve your lashes with nutrients to apply natural oils in it. Take the coconut oil, avocado, olive and jojoba. Apply them regularly and you will have long lashes and healthy.

Use masks that lengthen the eyelashes

Many cosmetic companies sell masks with ingredients that help to make your lashes look longer. They can give you more volume, and if nothing else works for you, you can use these products to create the illusion that you have eyelashes with meters in length. All you have to do is pass the mascara as any other product for that part of the eye.
The lengthening mascara usually cost a bit more expensive than the common, but the benefits make the price worth it.

There’s nothing more charming than long lashes, isn’t it? They terminate any makeup to perfection and leave the face of any beautiful woman. Experiment these tips and then tell us what you think of the results.