How to Have Fine Hair

Fine hair can be very sexy if you take care of the right way and learn to value them with the cut and the right products.
You have fine hair and themes that your hair will never be as sexy as that of JLo? Mistaken! thin hair also can be sexy, just treat them the right way, creating volume and keeping them healthy.

  1. Choose the cut that enhances you. Ask your stylist of confidence to study a cut on you and on your hair type. The mistake that often takes place is to want the cut, seen on a star looks fabulous, but later on you does not have the same effect. By Taylor Swift Kim Kardashian, the star have professionals who advise their cuts and hairstyles that fit into their face, why should not you do the same? If you’re worried that your hairstylist wave of enthusiasm can create a cut that you do not like, please contact them models and choose on the basis of its recommendations the place for you. Among the most suited to fine hair cuts are the bob with asymmetrical lengths.
  2. Use specific products. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner are useful for your beauty routine, add a serum that gives body and volume and spray lacquers to volatile silicones, lighter, for fixing.
  3. Dryer upside down. It is the oldest and simplest technique to create volume. If you have medium short hair dry them in this way until they are almost completely in place, then lift your head and make the crease using the cold air to keep it longer. If you have long hair, however, dry them upside down for a while, then he lifts his head and complete drying using the speaker only on the tips, cotona and make the fold.
  4. Rub the skin. The massage activates microcirculation: with your fingertips do the circular and slow movements, starting from the nape salts tapping the sides up to the front.
  5. Strengthen the diet. Fruits and vegetables are essential. The foods that must not fail to make them strong and healthy are for example carrots, rich in vitamin A, olive oil for its anti-oxidant properties and nuts for their intake of zinc.