How to Have a Perfect Makeup Base

What is needed to have a perfect make-up base? Often flipping through magazines or fashion photos we want to have a perfect face make-up just like that of the models or celebrities we see on television.

All is not gold that glitters … in fact often reaches perfection thanks to photo editing or cosmetic surgery, but it is also true that many girls parading on the catwalk, or the women of the show, really have great skin that is the result a trick made to perfection and a constant care of the skin.

Today we will explain all the secrets for having a “basic trick” that flawless face shine your face to create make-up dream.


A good hydration is the first step. E ‘therefore necessary to moisturize the face and neck with specific products, gel if your skin is combination or oily, creamy or in case of normal or dry skin. Hydration relaxes the facial features and wards off the appearance of hangnails and signs on our base.


The primer is an optional product, perfect, however, for those who want to last as long make-up, especially on special occasions. These products are generally silicone-based, and exist in transparent or corrective colored versions as green to camouflage redness or purple to brighten dull complexion. Face primer is applied to small touches in the desired areas diminishing pores in evidence and signs of expression.


The foundation is one of the most popular make-up products, to have a flawless face base is necessary to spread it with your fingertips, with a damp sponge or a special cat’s tongue brush or “buffing brush”. The best way to apply it is starting from the center of the face, thus sfumandolo outward with sinuous movements with the brush flat and circular with your fingers or other brush types: in this way the result will be more natural.

The ideal foundation for oily and combination skin is generally the compact or loose powder, while those with normal or dry skin can be used as liquid or mousse, which guarantee a satin effect.

In order to make the face more shapely you can use the technique of contouring. Using two different shades of foundation, one lighter and one darker, you can create light and shadow games that allow you to define the forms and even to camouflage any flaws. Soon we deepen this theme to give you more detailed information with instant makeup tips from Travelationary.


The correttor and lies down on the still evident imperfections after applying foundation. You have to choose a similar color to your skin tone and foundation then, and applies tapping the product only where necessary. The dark circles you can apply a slightly orange concealer to erase the small signs and illuminate the eye. The green concealer is used instead to erase the redness


The cipia fixed her face make-up and makes the skin smooth. There are compact face powder and powder, which are applied with large soft brush for a light and diffuse effect or the duvet for a stronger and compact mounting. The colored powders further standardize the complexion, the transparent, generally based on silica, they tend to setificare skin softening pores and signs of expression.


The blush is used to give a more healthy and youthful skin. It is applied on the cheeks blending with a suitable brush or your fingers on the type of blush. In the market are compact blush, powder, cream, gel, liquid, cooked and there are many variants of finish including matte and shimmer. The choice depends on your taste and the result to be obtained.

We hope our tips on the face makeup for a perfect base can be useful, and of course feel free to share with us your secrets!