How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home?

In addition to being great condiments for your dishes, herbs can still be a nice ornament to have in the house or in the garden. Get ready because you will learn how to plant herbs.

How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home

The aromatic herbs are part of our kitchen. Parsley, oregano, coriander, chives, thyme, mint, tarragon, basil, chilli, rosemary, laurel, sage, fennel, … are just some of the herbs that help give flavor to our dishes.

And the more fresh the better, so nothing better than having your own little corner of the aromatics in the house. And yes, it is possible to. The little space (or lack thereof) is no excuse. Is that planting herbs at home is easier than you might think.


Grow aromatic herbs seems to be in fashion. A beautiful construction site by the window or on the balcony, not only will this help fill the kitchen of the scents strong and fresh, as yet beautifies your space (and your dishes) with vibrant colors and will allow you to have a relaxing pastime.

All of this while saving some money. Because once you have your herbs fresh, you will not need (nor want) to buy herbs in the supermarket.

To create your bed of herbs need to first of all define the space where you will plant your herbs (whether in the garden, on the terrace or balcony), and depending on that, goes to the materials.

  1. Need of course of plants or seeds (you can find the two versions available in the market. You can choose seeds or pots with aromatic herbs germinated).
  2. If you choose to plant their herbs on the terrace or balcony you will need containers, which can be pots, planters, bins of wood or even glass bottles small, for example. The important thing is that they have holes to help drain the water.
  3. Stones of expanded clay, gravel or broken tile to prevent the land from becoming waterlogged.
  4. Blanket drainage and coarse sand (that will help to drain the water from the watering). Must have attention to that this layer does not obstura the holes outlets. Then, on top put your blanket drain that can be acquired on the surfaces of commercial and/or garden centres (this is similar to the manta air-conditioning).


Having the necessary materials, it’s time to put hands to the work.

  1. Choose the location and container, and then you just need to start by lining the bottom of the container with the stones of expanded clay, and the blanket on top, followed by the earth, which should be loose to allow the roots to develop and prevent them with too much water.
  2. To put the land to have attention so that it is about 4cm below the limit of the vase (so the herbs have room to grow) and drizzle until the earth become as well moist.
  3. Finally put the seeds or the plants.
  4. If you choose seeds, spread them in the container in order to cover the entire surface and sprinkle again.
  5. If your choice fell for the plants “already created”, to make holes about 10 cm deep and place the plants, ensuring that the razies are well buried and that the plants are located away from one another (approximately 10 cm distance). Baste again when you finish planting your herbs.

Simple, isn’t it?! So what are you waiting for?! Build your jobsite and you have always around your herbs favorite.