How to Give a Dog Medicine with a Dropper

Applying drugs dog with a dropper is easily follow the instructions below. Liquid medicine usually reserved for use in small dogs.

Things You’ll Need:
Dog therapy
dog treats
Medicine Droppers

Put your dog in a sitting position. Or if you have a small dog, put it in your lap, it may help to limit the movement.

Stand, sit or kneel on the left of your dog within pet house defined on Petwithsupplies.

Fill dropper to the prescribed dose of medication.

Hold the muzzle of the dog gently with your left hand fingers on the lower jaw, thumb on the bridge of the nose.

Tilt slightly nose up at an angle of about 30 degrees.

Take turkey baster in his right hand and put it in the corner of the mouth, between the mouth and the teeth on the right side of the muzzle of the dog.

Carefully slide the dropper between lips and teeth to the back of the cheek pouch.

drug deposited there by squeezing the dropper bulb.

Relax its grip on the muzzle of the dog gently to allow him to absorb the drug.