How to Get Fat the Galaxy S III Feature on Your Android Device

Feature that allows video playback while you write a SMS in Galaxy S III is available for all Android devices.

Do you remember the cool video playback feature that will be shown in our first review of the Galaxy S III? If not then check out the video in this article where you approximately eight minutes into the video and see the fat feature.

The feature makes it possible to watch a movie, or other recorded video content while you write a sms, the Web, or playing Angry Birds.

The option has now been added the application Moboplayer, which is a known alternative video player for Android.

Once you’ve found the video you want to play in the MoboPlayer, it is just putting the video in time and afterwards press the home button on your phone, one split second after starting the video up where you left off, running in a small window that “floats on top of the user interface”.

While the video is running it is possible to move around on it, enlarge or reduce it, put it on pause (double-tap on the video) and finish it.

You can download MoboPlayer here via Google Play free, the player is also good for many different film formats.

The feature can also be seen in the Samsung advertisement below.