How to Fish Moray Eel

The Mediterranean Moray, whose scientific name is Muraena Helena, is a saltwater fish and belongs to the family Muraenidae. The body of the moray eel-like, long and sturdy is. The Moray does not possess the pectoral fin, and has a low dorsal fin. Moray eel skin, smooth and free of flakes, is dark brown, mottled yellow spots and whitish. The fish is widespread in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic. The maximum length of the moray eel is a half-meter (but this length can also be sometimes superseded) and weigh 15 pounds. The moray is a snake-like fish known for its extreme aggression: presents, in fact, long teeth and sharp and extensible that allows her throat swallowing large prey. The bite of the moray is painful and cause lacerations. That heal slowly. It is a sedentary species which lives mainly in rocky habitats, known and appreciated by many fishermen for the quality of its meat. If you want to undermine this predator, please read this guide and you will discover how to fish the moray eel.

Be sure to have on hand:

150 gr 100 meters 4-barrel

reel 8000

nylon 0.40-0.50

steel cables-ami number 1

swivel 30 lb

The moray eel’s intanata day, while at night it comes out in search of food. Therefore, it is mainly during the night that the moray concerns itself more to the bait presented. However, even in the daytime making beautiful catches of eels. The moray is a fish of tana who, after attacking baits, will tend to get tangled in the terminal to tear him against the rocks. For this reason, you’ll have to get a powerful rod as you will need to retrieve the fish very quickly, otherwise you risk losing the prey and the terminal; both are very unpleasant.

First of all, you’ll have to buy a barrel of length of between 4 and 4.5 meters high modulus carbon with a parabolic action and launch a range of between 100% u2013 150 grams. As whirlpool, however, you’ll have to buy a front clutch that you’ll have to load 8000 with a monofilament diameter of 0.40mm.

For the frame you will have to use a lead from 100 grams entered smoothly on the mainline and you’ll have to stop him with rubber beads and a very sturdy, swivel even from 30 pounds. As for the Terminal, you will need to use a piece of 50cm nylon 0.50mm to which you will match 20 centimeters of steel wire with a hook, Eagle Beak, number 1. As bait, you can use the whole, slice of Sardinian mullet or squid ink, or a piece of octopus or squid.