How to Find the Perfect Sleeping Bag

How to choose a sleeping bag

To help selecting a sleeping bag as easy as possible, we are gathered here are some things you should consider when buying a sleeping bag in question.


When staying overnight in the countryside, it is necessary to prepare for the cold. Therefore, choose a sleeping bag, whose temperature ranges, especially the lower limit is less than likely, the night temperature in your planned trip. It is always better to get a warmer sleeping bag, because it can be easily opened and ventilated. Camping in the summer, look for a sleeping bag to +5 ° C, in spring and autumn is ideal sleeping bag -10 ° C and a winter expedition to about -20 ° C. In the menu you will find ShopaReview  sleeping bags for all seasons.

Total weight

How heavy backpack you carry on your back? It is certainly possible to find cheaper than sleeping at Fjällräven, but the weight of such a sleeping bag with a negative sign for the entire weight of the backpack. Down sleeping bags are usually lighter than sleeping bags stuffed with synthetic fiber.

The size of packed sleeping bag

When choosing a sleeping bag weight is not only important, but also the size. In the quest to “full field” every centimeter of space maximally utilized. Feather sleeping bag will usually be compressed to half the dimensions of synthetic fiber sleeping bag.

The total size

Our sleeping bags are available in two sizes – standard and long. Find out who you more fit.

insulation type

Feathers or artificial filament type Microloft Supreme? It’s up to you which of these materials will appeal to you more. Feather sleeping bag has a lower weight and is more compressible. Sleeping bag of synthetic fiber is more resistant to moisture and easier to maintain.