How to Dress to Hide Large Hips

Among the many contests that are turning online on the physicality of women around the world, the Italian woman is classified as one with the supermodel physique, but let’s be serious, it is not so!

The Italian woman par excellence shows a physical forms from the Mediterranean and buttery, “curvy” the term now better known, you know our beautiful Monica Bellucci? And even though the physical curvy like so much to boys, who prefer it to sculpted abs, many of us instead is more difficult to go the exhibitions of some roundness too.
So here is the solution to the problem is to put everything on look, because just the style of dress turns into a perfect weapon to hide or disguise wide hips and instead give momentum to the silhouette.

The clothes you choose should be neither too wide nor overly members, avoid the XXL and over-sized style, unless you want to sound like a “sack of potatoes”, and avoid overlap too many layers or too many colors. The colors righteous are dark ones, obviously, because streamline figure. It is not compulsory always dress in black, you go for gray, purple plum, midnight blue, emerald etc., but be careful, the fantasies are welcome, but always in neutral colors and not too flashy.

Day look

For the day, avoid wearing shorts and mini overly narrow hips, they go for long skirts and high waist midi skirts with transparency: you can choose either the straight line from the large ones from the line to A. Alternatively a soft trousers, lightweight and comfortable, combined with a loose shirt or a crop top.

Jeans are the best friends of our line, because they shape the buttocks: are good and those in high and low life, both emphasize the female form, enhancing the breasts and shaping the waist. With boyfriend model is never wrong!

Look will be the

For evening betting on the long dress by the empire cut, tight at the breast and soft on the sides, or on a shirt dress pattern. Make it precious with a waist belt, it will emphasize the upper body and offer movement and suppleness to your legs.

If you have skinny legs, however, dare with a mini dress from flared and tight at the waist, while if you have a little ‘Bacon, camuffatela choosing a broad-bell model on the waistline.Combine the clothes in a comfortable wedge, to slim the figure.

For the choice of coat, better opt for a straight coat, which hides the forms, so structuring the silhouette. In the fall and in the spring months you return your choice on the trench. Another must is the long cardigan can be worn over a pair of jeans and maybe in high heels; the V-neck, in fact, used to enlarge the bust.

Never underestimate the importance of the heel: it does not matter that it is dizzying, the important thing is to help you gain a few more inches enhancing the silhouette.