How to Dress in The Rain

Now that the rain has arrived, we are facing a new dress dilemma that wear with this weather? The editorial ‘meets you with some simple tips.

Now that we have finally turned the page of time “how I dress when it’s 5 ° C in the morning and 20 ° C in the afternoon?”Finish hair uprooting the morning before our dressing room. Finally … Temperatures well have finished playing yoyo, we are now stuck with miserable 10 degrees H24 and rain over, which may not arrange our case. If the weather continues to make you go crazy and you give up facing your wardrobe, the editorial ‘you give her some tips for choosing the right outfit when rain is output.

Choose closed shoes

Obviously, you will not get them out barefoot in case of heavy rain, but you might be tempted to put on your Converse or others comfortable tennis – yes, it rains YOLO I put the clothes in which I am comfortable . Well no. In case of rain, prefer well closed shoes, preferably rising on the ankle . Think Chelsea boots, biker, heeled boots, Dr. Martens, bridleways or even waders, provided they are in leather. Forget the suede or leather, which will not be as tight and let moisture enter the hours. And if the sight of puddles makes you travel in Britain, it gives you the rubber rain boots. Provided they are not decorated with flowers: Kate Moss is preferred remake Glastonbury.

Prefer parkas and long coats

If our Breton cousins (there always comes back!) Are unconditional waxed, we prefer the parkas and trench coats to the city. To avoid taking water, go for the water-repellent material or a vinyl cloth cute way, that will keep you dry whiletrend this Fall-Winter 2016/2017 . Beware of thin quilted jackets which, contrary to their appearance, will absorb all the water and leave you soaked to the bone. However, long coats male will take care, themselves, to protect you from the rain; a good idea only if you choose dark colors, on which the mud stains are more forgivable.

Allow worn shoulder bag

A nice bag city carried by hand or the crook of the elbow, it’s pretty. But in case of rain, really not practical! Because you are definitely going to want to stick your hands deep in your pockets to weather the storm (or take your umbrella, incidentally), a bag worn on the shoulder or even a backpack will be more suited to the weather. Again, remember the materials that put 15h to dry and may in addition to rub off, and choose the models that will drip water (leather, imitation …). The must ? A flap bag or zip to not soak the inside.

Bid on a hat

Whether you come to your blow dry or you are beating the record number of dry shampoo applications, the problem is the same: out of the question to have wet hair. OK, your umbrella will surely be there to save the day, but we all know the story of frizz and sticky hair. To avoid this small inconvenience, put a cap or small cap sailor before leaving home, but avoid the felt or wool hat, which may warp with moisture. Ultimately, your parka hood will do!

Wear tights

At first, wear a skirt or dress when it rains does not prove to be a brilliant idea. But after careful consideration, if you follow our tips to the letter, you might change your mind! While a wet jeans take hours to dry and stick pants that end quickly to the skin, a pair of tights would in turn much less uncomfortable. Not only does it dry out at any speed, but you remain worthy if someone lingered on your wet clothes. Above, still prefer lengths level knees; it would damage your beautiful pleated skirt takes the fleet!

When it rains, no need to put on his boots and waterproof Eagle yellow to keep dry. With only well closed shoes and a coat covering the elements shall feed you more bearable! Our picks some looks on extrareference may help you to face the rain with style …