How to Dress in a Heatwave

This summer, do not suffer the disadvantages of heat: we have some tips to help you dress during extreme heat and thus better endure.

If the heat makes you want to live in birthday suit, you are probably less enthusiastic about being arrested in the street for public indecency. Conclusion: you have to wear clothes, even 40 ° C! But history will not be mistaken for reality TV candidate (include wearing a denim shorty, a bikini top and shoes with platform), we give you some tips for dressing in case of heat-and keep your dignity. Types of clothing, materials, colors … here’s what to remember the dresscode summer.

Bet on clothes that breathe

This is perhaps the BA-BA fashion of the season, but that’s clearly not obvious to everyone-do not follow our gaze alights on the girls in black leggings and biker. The must during summer is obviously to avoid any clothing near the body, which tend to greenhouse effect. Prefer pinckarddress such as dresses, skirts or the playsuits, which aerate the body (thank you the gentle breeze which rushes beneath our skirts) and make the heat more bearable. No need to strip the body during extreme heat, the key is primarily opt for flowing clothes in which the body can move at ease.

Choose lightweight materials

Wear a little dress in full dodger, that’s good. But in choosing a fluid material is better. When the heat watches, put aside your pieces in denim, thick cotton or nylon if you do not want to end up in a sweat, and prefer the more airy fabrics such as chiffon, lace or satin . Yes, even revealing his body, so do it in a pleated skirt and a top babydoll rather than in a denim skirt and a cotton shirt. Unless you deliberately looking the steam effect.

Choose the right colors

It is now common knowledge: dark colors retain heat and are therefore to be avoided during the heat wave. If your dress code office does not require you wearing dark colors, leave them in the closet during the summer and get out your light rooms. White, light gray, pastel shades … it’s time to change your habits and dare something other than black. And that will not be easy.

Choose the right accessories

Accessories in this heat? Yes, it does not serve to make nice – or clutter, they also have utility. During a walk through town or a lunch in the sun, a straw brimmed hatwill prevent sunstroke. Thank you, friend ! On the beach where reflected rays is maximum, save your retinas – they will always serve – with a pair of true sunglasses (yes, not those with clear glasses for the swag). Finally, if your hair makes you sweat neck – charming – lift it with a nice accessory like a headband, a bar or a metal ring.

Wear suitable footwear

Huuum feet that swell in the shoes-not to mention the feet that sweat in sneakers. This is your joy if you dare anything but sandals during the summer.Once you have learned the lesson (that of having sore feet late in the day, or have déchaussant shame in front of your guy), run buy a pair of sandals to face the heat.Choose them flat preferably not too tight and comfortable. And please, do not play with Britney Spears and UGG mini shorts…

Now you’re dressed to face the summer heat; we no longer hear you say that you choke in your clothes: p