How to Dress if Short and Fat

Everyone is unfortunately not blessed with an imposing length, and then it’s not all that (so far) have taken hold of their weight. Being short and thick is far from desirable. Cards may not be so bad really, it’s not possible to influence, so it is not something you should hang on.

If you now categorizes himself as short and thick, and want to make the most of the situation, well then there is thankfully a lot of tricks and tips that can make you look both slimmer and taller. Below are the 5 most effective and important things to think about.

But now, without Further ado, let me present the answer to the question: “How to dress if you’re short and fat?”

1: Fit

The fit is always a key to a good outfit, whether you are physically fit and long or short and thick. However, depending on body shape, there are some unwritten rules for how to get the most out of your glory.

Avoid baggy clothes like the plague

You think you manage to hide what you do not want to show, and it will make you look slimmer. But the effect is the opposite. The bylsigare clothes the more volume you get, and the big picture is that you look larger than desired.

But now, do not misunderstand me, you will obviously not have tight clothing that fits tightly, showing wrinkles and calluses. No, you must have a tight fit between. The clothes need not be fitting, but they should not hang. Occasionally simply.

Plus size clothing

Then we have it on stunnerdresses with plus size dresses, think shirts which hang down far past the hip or long pants that become lumpy bottom or around the knees. Although this is a real mortal sin if you want to get the most out of your silhouette. Long clothing gets lower and upper body to fuse together, which makes your silhouette shorter, thicker and less clear in general. Yes you hear the yourself how awful it sounds.

The tailor is your friend

Depending on your body shape so it can definitely be worth visiting the tailor with all key items ( more expensive items or “center pieces” like blazers and fancy shirts ). The fit can do so much for your figure as the hundred patches you need to add are well worth the investment.

2: Colors

Now is certainly your first thought to yell: ” BLACK! I know that black is good !! “And some black can actually make you look a little slimmer. But as we wrote in our article, “11 Ways to look longer ” you should always avoid to dress all in black, if you want to see as long as possible. And although black can make you look slimmer, it is not as effective as working with a good combination of colors and patterns ( more about patterns further down ) Navy, for example, a very flattering color for most people, and it is also a color that makes you melt together into a blob, which black has a tendency to do.

3: Pattern

Pattern you want to avoid is broad stripes and florals. Floral and irregular pattern generally makes your silhouette looks difficult to define and easily larger than it is.

The pattern that best fits are narrow stripes lengthwise. Long Striped get your silhouette to see both narrower and farther out, which is very gratefully.

Spotted should be avoided at all garments that are further down than above the chest.It means more or less that you should stick to the dotted scarves, breast handkerchiefs, ties and hobbling. Why? Want to look taller, you should always “Bling top”, not the bottom.

4: Shoes

As always when it comes to look longer  , you want to “Bling top” not the bottom.Anything that gets people to fix your gaze far down will make you look shorter, and in the breadth one sees generally not as sharp out of the top and bottom and in the middle. Therefore, you want to catch your gaze high up.

Shoes with little sole gives you a relatively discrete increase in length, and the stylish and classic shoes have a tendency to give you a prop rare and fresher look, something you should strive for if you have a few extra pounds to carry.

Finally, avoid ALWAYS spexiga shoes, they will make you look like a cartoon character.For real.

5: Accessories

Scarves are great because they get people to fix your gaze higher up, but make sure they are in the thinner material ( scarves or thin bomulls scarfs ) and have them in a knot that makes the scarf cards . Is it too long and bulky it will make you look bigger than you really are.

When it comes to keeping up your pants so are braces better than the Focus, this is because the narrows your figure, unlike junk that cuts off at the half.

5 Fast style tips when it comes to clothing for short and “thick”

Finally, some quick style tips to consider when it comes to the dress code for you is short and thick.

  1. Go to the tailor if necessary, it is worth it
  2. Berries never all black
  3. Avoid bredrandingt and floral …
  4. But work happily with long narrow stripes
  5. Never use baggy or extra long garments


As always fit a decisive factor in whether your outfit looks good or not. Want to get to this in the best way, it is undoubtedly worth a visit to the tailor. Besides fit, you want to stay away from large irregular patterns and things in general makes you look childish or “clownig” out, type spexiga shoes.